Glee Quick and Dirty Season Finale Review – 6/9/10

I can’t write a full review of last night’s Glee finale just yet, because I’m not ready and frankly I’m emotionally drained. However, jump with me to read a few of my favorite moments and things that made me cry.

– Rachel kissing Finn on the stairs made me smile. It was perfect, and I love them together.

– Emma giving Will a pep talk felt like things were back to normal and it made me really happy.

– When Finn told Rachel he loved her just before the performance started, I melted. I was a complete puddle of emotions.

– Loved the Journey medley, can’t wait to buy the album!

– Quinn giving birth, and Puck looking shocked. Pfft.. Men. πŸ˜‰ It was such a sweet moment and I’m so glad that they got that bonding time.

-Quinn’s mom showing up, because no matter what every girl needs their mother.

– Shelby and Rachel having a moment, but my heart broke for Rachel.

-Puck telling Quinn he loved her before and loves her even more now. Gush.

– While the songs were impressive I really don’t like Vocal Adrenaline and while I love Jonathan Groff who plays Jesse, but I don’t like Jesse. I want to slap his silly grin off his face.

– Emma yelling at Principal Figgins, I was so proud. She’s really coming out of her shell.

– Will kissing Emma and telling her he loves her. I melted again.

-The Glee club singing To Sir, With Love to Will. I loved how before the song they all took time to tell Will how Glee club had changed their life. I especially loved seeing Harry Shum Jr, and Dijon Talton getting some lines!

-Shelby (Idina Menzel) adopting baby Drizzle and deciding to keep her name as Beth. *Tear*

– Sue deciding to go to bat for the Glee club and get them another year. Also learning that Sue actually voted for New Directions for number 1. She does have a heart.

– Will and Puck singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and watching all the couples including Britany and Santana, cuddling.

-I think that Mercedes would be great with Matt Rutherford (Dijon Talton). I’m just saying πŸ˜‰

That’s all I have to say for now, but I’m sad it’s over. It was a fantastic finale, and fall can’t get here soon enough. At least we have really good summer TV to look forward to.

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