So You Think You Can Dance Top 11 – 6/10/10

Last night the top dancers were chosen on So You Think You Can Dance, and there was a small twist, they made it a Top 11 instead of Top 10. This year is different already because instead of the Top 20, (10 guys, 10 girls who get paired up), it was supposed to be a Top 10 (5 guys, 5 girls) who would then be paired up with All-Stars from past seasons of SYTYCD. They messed that up with adding an extra, and I have issues with that but jump with me to meet the contestants and hear my issues with the ‘Top 11’.

The Girls

Melinda Sullivan – 22
Thousand Oaks, CA

My Thoughts: She’s a great tapper, but I’m not sold on her overall dance ability. She’s sweet but I worry she won’t be able to adapt well to all the other styles over time.


Alexie Agdeppa – 26
Rowland Heights, CA

My Thoughts: I’m not a big fan. Sure, she’s a great dancer, but a lot of people who auditioned were great dancers. I just don’t think she should be here over others… say Ryan Ramirez who was fabulous.


Ashley Galvan – 19
Visalia, CA

My Thoughts: She’s in the middle of the road for me. I don’t love her but I don’t dislike her. She’s definitely talented, and I just hope she can step it up for the rest of the competition.


Cristina Santana – 24
San Diego, CA
Salsa w/ Belly Dancing

My Thoughts: She’s very good at her genre and I believe that she brings something unique to the competition that seems filled with mostly contemporary dancers this time around. I hope she does well.


Lauren Froderman – 18
Phoenix, AZ
Contemporary Jazz

My Thoughts : My favorite girl so far, and I think she still has so many great things to bring. Watch this one she’s going to amaze us… I think 😉


The Guys

Adechike Torbert – 23
Brooklyn, NY

My Thoughts: I think he’s a very talented dancer and he has a lot to add to the competition. I’m looking forward to seeing what else he has to give.


Robert Roldan – 19
Thousand Oaks, CA

My Thoughts: He’s a wonderful dancer, and he has such grace in his movements. He’s also really cute lol. I think that he’ll do well, but I found his ballroom lacking during Vegas week, so we’ll see what happens.


Alex Wong – 23
Vancouver, British Columbia

My Thoughts: I find watching him inspiring, although I worry for him because he left his position as a lead dancer in the Miami Ballet company to pursue SYTYCD. I feel a need to see him succeed because Canadians stick together, but also because his movements are so beautiful. He definitely needs to put more emotions into his dancing, but he’s one of my favorites.


Billy Bell – 20
Palm Beach, FL

My Thoughts: Last season he made it to the Top 20 but had to bow out due to sickness, but now he’s back and in the Top 11 and while I realize he’s talented, I was upset. Mostly because he was the 11th added, and I think if they could add him then they should have added Ryan Ramirez to make it a Top 12, or then stick to the rules. I don’t dislike him but in my eyes he’s going to have to work twice as hard as everyone else to gain my respect.


Jose “Full Deck” Ruiz – 21
Miami, FL

My Thoughts – I have a great respect for Jose. He is self taught and only knew B-boying when entering the competition. That didn’t stop him, he’s thrown himself into everything and proven quite talented. One of my top picks for sure.


Kent Boyd – 18
Botkins, OH
Contemporary Jazz

My Thoughts: I love him! He’s freaking adorable, but besides that he works so hard to be the best he can be. This boy is talented but he needs to get some more confidence in himself. Being a small town farm boy only makes him more endearing to the fans, which will work to his advantage.


There you have your Top 11, I was so upset that Ryan Ramirez didn’t get in because she was brilliant, I believe they made a mistake. If they could bend the rules and make it a Top 11 why not a Top 12 then? Ryan was a better dancer than Billy Bell (there I said it) and I am so sad she won’t be on this season.

All that aside I will be watching and recapping every week, giving you my thoughts and comments whether you want them or not. In the meantime, don’t miss a special episode of So You Think You Can Dance tonight at 9/8c on FOX, where we’ll get a full introduction to our Top 11 and the All-stars!

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One Response to So You Think You Can Dance Top 11 – 6/10/10

  1. Kati says:

    We’re on the same page. I agree with most of your comments about each dancer, and it doesn’t make sense that they’d add a 6th guy and not a 6th girl, especially since Ryan was so good.