TV News – 6/10/10

I’m so unimpressed with the weather here today! I woke up to a beautiful sunny day and then at around noon, it got cloudy and chilly. Then the raining started. *sigh* Okay, Mother Nature, I get it … You are obviously PMSing but if you could please keep your temper tantrums to a minimum I’d like some sun! Thanks. Okay now that I’ve pleaded with nature let’s talk TV news.

Shawn Hatosy (Southland, The Faculty) is going to be doing a multiple episode guest starring stint on Dexter. Ausiello is reporting that he’ll be playing “a bad guy” but there has been no official information given yet. I’m excited for this becaust I love Hatosy in Southland and I think he’ll make an excellent bad guy. The next season of Dexter is going to be even more fantastic than usual with the addition of Hatosy and Julia Stiles to the cast. What do you think, are you excited?Source

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The USA Network has extended Burn Notice and Royal Pains to 18 episodes. The summer finales will air on Thursday, August 26 and then the shows will return during the winter for 6 more episodes. Unfortunately, In Plain Sight will be wrapping in 13 episodes because the show runner, John McNamara, has taken a bit of time off for medical reasons. The show was originally set for 16 episodes, but it will end on June 30th instead. We wish McNamara well, too bad about the shortened season, but great news for the other shows. Source

FOX has renewed The Cleveland Show for a third season, before the second one has even started. I believe that Glee earned this but Cleveland? I’m not jumping up and down for this news, but I’m sure there are others out there who are estatic. Enjoy! šŸ˜‰ Source

That’s it for today but check out an all new Burn Notice at 9 pm on USA Network.

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