If We Controlled Your Remote… 6/15/10

Megan’s Choice

Can you guess what I’m going to tell you to watch tonight? Well, Hell’s Kitchen of course! 😀 I find the show amusing and it’s a great way to veg out from a long day. Ramsay amuses me and I think I would be a hot mess if I had to work for him.

In tonight’s episode, Chef Ramsay is trying to get the chefs to work as a team by getting them to serve lunch to a university marching band, it doesn’t go well. Dinner service is even worse because the communication and team work is going to be a huge issue. I smell fireworks and I’m excited! 😀 I hope that either Autumn or Salvatore go home tonight, for no other reason than Autumn is annoying and Salvatore makes me nuts with that *fake* accent. 😉 Check it out tonight on FOX at 8/7c for 2 hours.

Jump with us to read about Jenny’s choice for tonight!

Jenny’s Choice

There really isn’t a lot on for me tonight. Since I think it’s always nice to give fledgling shows a few episodes to really gel and gain viewers, my recommendation tonight is Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family at 8/7c. Last week’s series premiere shows the year Alison went missing, then quickly jumped a year to when the group of friends made their way back together and began the mystery of the texts from “A.”

On this week’s episode, the circumstances surrounding Alison’s disappearance continue to haunt Aria, Emily, Spencer and Hanna, as questions arise about the night she went missing. To complicate matters, Jenna’s return to Rosewood makes the girls face an unpleasant past and an incident that sealed their friendship forever. Can the girls face what has taken place in their past, especially since “A” won’t let them forget? Meanwhile temptation is everywhere they look, as Aria tries her hardest to stay away from Ezra and Spencer won’t shy away from her sister’s fiance, Wren. If you are a fan of the other ABC Family shows, definitely check out Pretty Little Liars tonight!

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