TV News – 6/14/10

There’s reason people hate Mondays… because they suck! 😉 My day went from okay to hectic in a couple nano seconds. While it’s starting to calm down I am going to try to get the news to you, that is before someone needs me to do something else. *sigh* Here we go.

I am really sad to report that A.J. Cook who plays JJ on Criminal Minds, has been let go. Seriously. Basically, they have opted not to renew her contract, which is both aggravating and sad. I love JJ, and I will miss her! Paget Brewster who plays Emily, is getting her episode number reduced, which really makes me cranky. I really think the cast is part of what makes Criminal Minds as fabulous as it is, messing with the chemistry of the show is a stupid mistake. What are your thoughts? Source

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Friday Night Lights has been luring some of their stars from past seasons back for next season which is probably the show’s last. Adrianne Palicki (Tyra), Taylor Kitsch (Tim), and Zach Gilford (Matt) are all returning. Palicki will be back in the final two episodes, Kitsch and Gilford will be back for at the last four including the finale. This is all really exciting for the show, FNL is a great show, and these original cast members coming back is going to be fantastic. Source

Former Bachelor, Jake Pavelka, will be guest starring on Drop Dead Diva, as Toby Davlin… a bachelor on a dating show. Wow, that’s a stretch! 🙂 Pavelka will be in the episode on August 22. Source

Finally, tonight let’s talk about ABC’s new pilot, Edgar Floats and the craziness going on. They are switching the entire cast out, including Tom Cavanagh who was set to play the lead. They are also replacing Alicia Witt, Derek Webster, Alex Solowitz and Raoul Trujillo. That’s a lot of over hauling to do to a pilot, and I am sad about Cavanagh. This pilot is toast in my opinion, good luck filling it with a decent cast now.Source

That’s it for news today, and the news overall has been rather depressing today. Here’s hoping tomorrow I have more good things to report.

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