TV News – 6/15/10

I hope everyone had a great day, it’s been a busy one around here. Enough about me and my stuff, let’s talk news.

Brian Benben, who plays Sheldon Wallace on Private Practice, has been given a full time series regular spot on the show. Sheldon is a recurring character at the moment, who has been romantically involved with both Violet and Charlotte. I’m neither happy or sad , I don’t have any feelings towards it. 😀 Sheldon is just Sheldon, I don’t find his character that interesting, just mediocre. Congrats to Benben on his promotion. Source

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Kristin over at E!Online is bringing us some great spoilers on shows such as Glee and True Blood so click the link and get spoiled. For those of you who don’t like spoilers, then don’t click the link. Beware, Spoilers ahead.Spoilers Ahead, Beware

That’s all for tonight, I’m falling asleep while typing this so I’m out! Enjoy your evening and I’ll be back tomorrow with more.

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