If We Controlled Your Remote… 6/17/10

Megan’s Choice

Tonight is the first results show of the season for So You Think You Can Dance and I’m nervous and excited! I’m nervous because there are so many talented dancers I’d hate to lose like Alex and ones I love like Lauren and Kent. The problem for me is that last night the all-stars outshined most of the competitors so I’m curious as to how that’s going to affect the voting. There are others I really hope go home, like Billy Bell, I just can’t see him as a masculine dancer and it ruins routines for me.

Jump with us to read more about Megan’s choice and to hear Jenny’s recommendation.

I’m excited to see the performances tonight. The always sexy and smooth, Usher is going to be appearing tonight. I love Usher and let’s be honest what girl doesn’t. He’s a fantastic dancer and his voice is like velvet. Mmmmm. 😀 (Sorry I get carried away. 😉 ) Also for the younger viewers Justin Bieber’s new video will debut during tonight’s episode. Bieber won’t be there in person, but the video will is sure to entertain. Check out the hour long results show tonight at 9 pm on FOX.

Jenny’s Choice

Anyone who knows me, who has read my site since the beginning, should know that tonight’s recommendation was easy. In fact, there really was no other option, in my opinion. Since the summer of 2007, Burn Notice has been my favorite show on TV. The cast is phenomenal, separately and as a whole, and the chemistry is just amazing. The storylines are always great, and I never once come away from watching and feel underwhelmed. It’s the one show I will not miss. Ever. (I STILL haven’t watched the Bones season finale, because even though it’s one of my favorite shows, I know enough about the episode to know I hate it already. LOL)

This season, Coby Bell joined the cast as Jesse Garcia, a new ally to Michael and the gang. On tonight’s episode, while investigating an underground artillery operation at the Port of Miami, Michael and Jesse come across a port worker being threatened by dangerous mobsters. To get the mob off the docks for good, Michael will need to call on the help of a familiar friend.

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