TV News – 6/17/10

I’m back! I didn’t have any time to do the news yesterday because my daughter and her birthday took up all my time, which is okay. 😀 It’s hard to believe that my baby is 5 already, but exciting because it’s all new phase and new adventures. 😀 Enough about my mommy life let’s talk TV news!

I am getting really tired of reporting sad news from CBS dramas! You hear me CBS? Stop messing with my shows! *sigh* This time it’s CSI:Miami and they have decided not to pick up Eddie Cibrian’s contract. I’m not happy because frankly I love Cibrian and think his character Carodza still had a lot of stories left to be told. Most of the decision is because Delko (Adam Rodriguez) is returning to the show full-time this fall, and I’m torn about that. The original team is great, and I do like Delko (well when he’s not almost dying all the time), but I am sad about Cibrian leaving.Source

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Dexter, is adding another recurring role for the next season, April Lee Hernandez (ER) will be play “a new cop working in Miami Metro’s homicide department”. I really enjoyed Hernandez on ER and think she’s make a great addition to the already star studded cast. This news comes on the back of the casting of Julia Stiles, Maria Doyle Kennedy, and Shawn Hatosy. It’s shaping up to be a delicious season isn’t it? Source

Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Saved By The Bell, Raising the Bar), is going to be guest starring on Weeds as “Jack, a rough-around-the-edges local bar owner that serves Nancy more than just a drink.” 😀 Yummy! The new season starts on August 16th, at 10 pm on Showtime. Watch and fall in love with it.

In other casting news, Tommy Lee will be guest starring on Californication as a bar singer.. Far stretch isn’t it? 😉 David Duchovny’s character will run into him in the bar, which is no surprise because Duchovny’s character spends a lot of time in the bar. *Grins* No date yet on the season premiere for Californication but when I know, you’ll know ! Source

The Digital Spy is reporting the possibility of Justin Timberlake guest starring on Glee! I am both a Gleek and I was such a fan of N’SYNC as a teenager that this news makes me almost pass out from excitement. It’s rumoured that Timberlake would play the younger brother to Will (Matthew Morrison) considering they look like they were separated at birth. It’s all currently in talks so we’ll see where it goes! I’ll let you know if there is anything officially announced. I promise!

Finally for today I’m going to link you up to a superb spoiler chat with Ausiello, he really is a spoiler king! However, if for some reason you like to deprive yourself of the goodness of spoilers, don’t click the link. Everyone else click away! Warning Spoilers Ahead!

That’s all for now, but be sure to check our Jenny and my newest daily column If We Controlled Your TV. Tonight be sure to catch all new episodes of Burn Notice at 9 pm on USA Network, followed by Royal Pains at 10 pm also on USA. Have a great Thursday!

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