If We Controlled Your Remote… 6/22/10

Tonight there are few season and series premieres including Wipeout and the Jason Lee starrer Memphis Beat. Of course, there are other shows on, so let’s look at what we chose for today.

Megan’s Choice

I’m going to be original 😉 and go with Hell’s Kitchen. 😀 I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I find it interesting and hilarious. Watching these people trying to compete while having Chef Ramsay bellow at them amuses me, and I’m not sure why. Perhaps I’m slightly sadistic, but whatever the case, it’s a nice escape from reality. Plus, let’s face it they signed up for this!

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In tonight’s 2 hour episode, the chefs cook barbeque, pork-themed dishes and dishes involving “mother sauces”. The chefs will have to please children with their dishes, and all of us parents know how picky kids can be. Yikes! I don’t know what’s worse cooking for Chef Ramsay or cooking for kids. 😀 Be sure to tune in to FOX tonight at 8/7c to watch the craziness that is Hell’s Kitchen unfold.

Jenny’s Choice

I waffled back and forth for awhile about which show to do, since there are 2 I REALLY wanted to recommend. I’ve seen the first episode of the new drama Memphis Beat, and thoroughly enjoyed it, but if I had to choose, (and uh, I do!), it would be to point your TV at TNT’s HawthoRNe. Jada Pinkett Smith and Michael Vartan, as well as the rest of the cast, are absolutely fantastic and fun to watch. And MV is such eye candy, too, is he not?!

In tonight’s episode, Richmond Trinity has closed its doors, and now many of the staff have been shifted to James River, a rundown hospital in a low-income area. Things are made even worse when Christina and Bobbie have a run-in with the ER nursing supervisor. Tom gives up his administrative duties and dives into direct care. Tom has other options than making the move to James River, and his reasons for staying just made my shipper heart tha-thump, I tell ya!

Catch the season premiere of HawthoRNe tonight on TNT at 9/8c, and be sure and read my Interview with Stars Jada Pinkett Smith and Michael Vartan!

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