TV News – 6/21/10

Monday, I am not a fan. 😀 It’s a bit crazy around here lately with my daughter’s 5th birthday party and family things. I’m here now and bringing you some much awaited news!

True Blood has been renewed for a fourth season only two episodes into their third season! That’s great news. 😀 I can’t think of anything bad about more True Blood can you? More vampires, more werewolves, more Sookie, Eric and Bill, and simply MORE devious delicious TV. Yay! Source

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Sean Murray who plays the adorable McGee on NCIS has finalized his new contract! I’m happy this means more of the McGee and Abby sexual tension, not to mention just more McGee. That means all of the cast who were in question are now signed up for new contracts. Are you as happy as I am? Source

There’s going to be a new diva in town next season on Glee and her name is Charice. That’s right the pop star has officially signed on to a recurring role as a foreign exchange student who makes Rachel nervous with her amazing vocals. I’m looking forward to seeing Rachel have a run for her money with vocals, but I really hope they don’t have Charice hooking up with Finn! She’d be a great match for Harry Shum Jr’s character Mike though don’t you think? Source

That’s all for tonight, I’ll do my best to have the news in earlier tomorrow 😉 Hope you enjoyed your night of TV, let me know what you watched.

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