If We Controlled Your Remote… 6/25/10

Jenny’s Choice

Fridays don’t really give us a lot right now, so again this week, my recommendation for you is Flashpoint. This week’s episode is titled Custody. When a woman kidnaps her two young children in order to keep her husband from getting custody of them, the SRU sweeps in and takes control of this dangerous situation to try to bring the children back safely to their father. I have no idea if the husband is a bad guy and the SRU is going to be working to send the kids back into the arms of an abuser or whatever, or if the mother is completely in the wrong in taking them, but I do know that CBS and Flashpoint won’t let us down! Check it out tonight on CBS at 9/8c.

For Megan’s choice, jump with us!

Megan’s Choice

Fridays are a bit slow for television right now, but I’m going to recommend the season finale of Party Down on Starz at 10 pm. This show is always hilarious but the finale is going to bring us a guest appearance by Jane Lynch (aka Sue Sylvester from Glee). Lynch brings amusement and fabulous antics to whatever role she plays, so it’s going to be great to have her back for the episode. For no other reason than it’s going to be thoroughly funny and worth it, make sure you don’t miss it tonight at 10 pm on Starz.

Here is a censored preview clip for tonight’s episode:

For more previews, uncensored, check out the following links!

• A Party Down Reunion: Constance (Jane Lynch) introduces her fiancée, Howard (Alex Rocco – remember Moe Greene from The Godfather?) to the Party Down crew: Clip 1

• A Life Machine: Roman (Martin Starr) contemplates life after eating some marijuana-laced treats: Clip 2

• Any Objections?: Patrick Duffy (Patrick Duffy) tries to win over Constance (Jane Lynch) before she says her final vows: Clip 3

• My Struggle: Kyle (Ryan Hansen) and Karma Rocket perform a questionable song at Constance’s wedding reception: Clip 4

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