If We Controlled Your Remote… 6/29/10

Tuesday night is going to be a busy night for TV, and there are SO many great choices. Read on and find out what we chose, and as always we want to know what TV show pacified you! Comment below, email us or on twitter Jenny/Site (@tvismypacifier) or Megan (@BaffledAddict). Come on everyone loves to share their opinions… don’t they? 😀

Megan’s Choice

It’s a hard choice for me tonight because on the one hand we have the always amusing Hell’s Kitchen at 8 pm on FOX, then we have the delicious new show on ABC Family Pretty Little Liars also at 8 pm, and so many more, can you see a TV addict’s issue? Seeing as I can only choose one to recommend I’m going to go with the season premiere of Rescue Me at 10 pm on FX.

If you’re looking for a great drama look no further than Rescue Me, Denis Leary plays the firefighter Tommy, and he’s brilliant. Tonight we see Tommy deal with his glance into the after life and the possibility that ladder 62 will be closed. This and so much more on tonight’s premiere, I’d say it’s definitely much watch TV!

Jump ahead to read Jenny’s recommendation.

Jenny’s Choice

Tonight is the series premiere of a new comedy on FX at 11/10c (with a 2nd new episode at 11:30/10:30c) called Louie. That’s my recommendation tonight. The show is a comedy filtered through the observational humor of Louis C.K. Each episode puts a spotlight on Louis’ hectic life as a successful stand-up comedian and newly single father raising his two daughters in New York. The single-camera comedy is a mix of Louis C.K.’s stand-up comedy and scripted stories. Guest starring appearances include Ricky Gervais, Pamela Adlon and Bobby Cannavale.

On tonight’s premiere episode, Louis goes on a date and a field trip with his daughters. Both go badly. Then on the 2nd episode, Louis and friends play poker, his divorce is final. It will be interesting to see how well this format works for TV, and how well it can keep the audience laughing. From the previews I’ve seen, it’s worth a shot, so check it out tonight on FX at 11/10c & 11:30/10:30c!

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