If We Controlled Your Remote… 6/30/10

Jenny’s Choice

My recommendation tonight was easy. I’m so sad that In Plain Sight has its season finale tonight (would have had 3 more episodes this season, but John McNamara, executive producer and showrunner, took a leave of absence for medical reasons. Given the unexpected change, they decided to end the season at a natural spot — with the surprising cliffhanger of episode 13. Eek, a cliffhanger!

Jump with me for more about In Plain Sight and to see Megan’s choice!

On tonight’s cliffhanger season finale, a priest, who witnesses the murder of a stripper, is all too eager to leave the priesthood when he joins Witsec but hesitant to cut off ties with the victim’s family. Stan struggles with telling a deceased witness’s daughter the truth about her delinquent father. Brandi decides to move in with Peter, while Jinx returns and offers Mary motherly advice on dating. It should be a great episode, but what the cliffhanger could be, I have no idea!

Megan’s Choice

For tonight I’m going to go with So You Think You Can Dance, because it’s entertaining and easy to relax while watching. This show makes me laugh, cry and even go “What the heck were they thinking?. Okay, so maybe it’s not super relaxing, but it’s fun to watch.

Tonight we see the Top 9 dance with the all-stars and I’m interested to see the pairings. Of course there are rumours swirling about who dances with who, but none of it will be official until tonight. 🙂 Tune in to FOX at 8 pm and be sure to check out my twitter tonight at 8 pm PST while I live tweet during the show. (@BaffledAddict).

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