If We Controlled Your Remote… 7/6/10


Jenny’s Choice

Megan and I have to choose the same show tonight. It’s the season premiere of Warehouse 13 on Syfy at 9/8c, and my family has been looking forward to this for months! Last season ended on a shocking cliffhanger, and hopefully we’ll get some answers tonight! On tonight’s episode, while struggling to adjust to life at the Warehouse after Artie’s untimely demise, Pete and Myka must begin the difficult task of searching for answers regarding MacPherson and Claudia’s whereabouts and Leena’s apparent betrayal.

For more about the show and why Megan is also choosing Warehouse 13, jump with us!

Megan’s Choice

Why do I love this show? Would because it’s fan-freaking-tastic suffice? Guess not. 😀 I love Eddie McClintock who plays Pete, he’s adorable and his comedic timing is spot on. Joann Kelly who plays Myka also holds her own in the comedy department but I love the flirty, playful banter between the two of them. The relics make the show that much better because it’s like having a history lesson every week that we actually want to learn. Basically, to miss this show tonight would be a direct insult to these great actors, but to be dramatic (and face it when am I not dramatic), it would be an insult to all that is great about science fiction adventure television. All that said, you need to tune in to Syfy tonight at 9/8c and you can thank us later for the recommendation. (PS- We love chocolate. :D)

Note from Jenny

I’ve spoken to Executive Producer Jack Kenny and stars Eddie McClintock & Joanne Kelly. Don’t miss their interviews! Also, follow Eddie on Twitter at @thereeleddiemcc. He’s great! 🙂

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