So You Think You Can Dance Top 8 – 7/7/10

What a week for So You Think You Can Dance! All-star Alison got injured so she was replaced by Katee Shean and then the most depressing news of all is that Alex Wong was injured during rehearsals and he had to sit out this week. I’m worried that Alex won’t actually be back because it may be a ruptured achilles tendon and that’s really serious. Poor guy.

Let’s talk happier news shall we? Each dancer will dance once with an all-star and then again with one of their fellow contestants. I’m excited about all of it so jump with me to read my reviews.  

Lauren with all-star Pasha
Cha-Cha choreographed by Jean-Marc and France

My Thoughts: It was hot. Lauren looked amazing. I loved the routine and I thought these two were an incredible couple.
Judges: Nigel was really happy with how mature she appeared, and loved her hair. Mia thought she was a hot woman. Adam wanted to swear because it was so hot.

Jose and all-star Lauren
Contemporary choreographed by Mandy Moore

My Thoughts: I thought it was adorable how Jose looked all into the rehearsal and who could blame him. Lauren is a beautiful girl. This whole show is starting off on a sexy note tonight. In my opinion, Jose did a really good job at being in the contemporary style. I’m quite impressed. I was choked up seeing him get emotional when judges complimented him.
Judges: Nigel thought he did amazing. Mia thinks more people should be more like Jose, because he’s so open and has no ego. Adam loved it, and loves Jose.

Kent and all-star Comfort
Hip-Hop choreographed by Dave Scott

My thoughts: He looked like a young Justin Timberlake. Not the best breaking moves by him but overall I was impressed at his effort. He has really great musical timing.
Judges: Nigel loved the style of the dance, it suited Kent. Mia thought there was a slight cool factor to him. Adam saw some growth in him this week.

Adechike and all-star Courtney
Jazz choreographed by Mandy Moore

My Thoughts: It was pretty cool, and I think that Adechike was having a bit too much fun playing the hottie for Courtney. I still don’t love him though.
Judges: Nigel was surprised because he wasn’t expecting him to be good. Mia didn’t love it, she thought the dancing wasn’t there and the character over took. Adam didn’t think he found his place this week.

Billy with all -star Katee Shean
Broadway choreographed by Spencer Liff

My Thoughts: It’s too bad Alison got hurt but I loved seeing Katee. It was a cute routine, but I’m not sure I loved it. That said Billy was pretty good at getting in his character and did a great job.
Judges: Nigel thought that outside Billy’s solos it was the best he’s seen him dance. Mia thought he was “fabulicious”. Adam thought it was wonderful.

Ashley and all star Dominic
Hip-Hop choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon

My Thoughts: Ashley was fierce and really held her own with Dominic. It was an insane routine and I loved it.
Judges: Nigel loved and it and thought she hit it hard. Mia thought she danced it “so hardcore” but wanted more kill in her eyes. Adam thinks she’s a “quiet contender”.

Robert and all-star Katherine
Jazz with Sean Cheeseman

My thoughts: What a cool idea for a routine. Robert’s faces were a little disturbing. Great dancing from both of them. I’m trying to like Robert, he just doesn’t speak to me. That doesn’t mean I think he’s a bad dancer, just not my favorite.
Judges: Nigel loved it and wanted to get rid of rumours that Robert was arrogant. Mia loves Robert and loved the routine. Adam thinks he’s “stellar”.

Adechike and the Bollywood choreographer assistant, Marla, after Alex injured himself.
Bollywood choreographed by Nakul Dev Mahajan

My Thoughts: I think not having Alex really hurt Adechike, he seemed a little off. The routine came across as goofy. Am I being mean? Well on the bright side that was an incredible series of jumps. Judges: Nigel thinks he needs to be more careful that he sticks to the style. Mia thought it seemed more African. Adam thinks he had enormous power, but he lacked finesse to his movements. Adam was the nicest of them. I give Cat some serious credit for questioning the judges comments on this when they gave Jose a nicer review weeks ago and his was messier. Fair enough. I also think it was a bit rude of Mia to say how much she missed Alex and how it would have been better, that was a bit much for poor Adechike and I didn’t even like the routine. 😉 I’m just saying.

Kent and Lauren
Contemporary choreographed by Travis Wall

My Thoughts: First, I love Travis! Second, it’s cute that they just had their own proms. It was so nice to see two of my favorite dancers together. This routine had me smiling and the kiss at the end was smouldering. The dance was so moving that during it I was completely enthralled and I wasn’t typing at all. That in itself is a compliment, because let’s face it if I’m awake I’m usually typing 😀 .
Judges: Nigel thought the dance proved what great dancers Kent and Lauren are, and what a fabulous choreographer Travis is. 😀 He loved feeling Lauren’s heart in this, and thinks Kent’s hard work will pay off. Mia thought it was “stunning”. Adam summed it up by saying that he felt a little “embarrassed to be watching” because it became a bit too real and that’s a good thing.

Ashley and Robert
Quickstep choreographed by Jean-Marc & France

My thoughts: This dance is so difficult, and I don’t think they pulled it off. They looked really awkward.
Judges: Nigel thought that Ashley was wonderful but Robert needed more work. Mia is happy they got through it and it wasn’t a train wreck. She didn’t like the music. Adam thought they got through it, and thought the partnership was great.

Billy and Jose
African Jazz choreographed by Sean Cheeseman

My thoughts: I love the idea behind this routine, they pulled it off wonderfully. I was worried that Billy’s technicality would eat up Jose’s star light and it didn’t they just melded into this awesome being that you couldn’t stop watching. Billy did some creepy things with his body, no one should be able to move like that.
Judges: Nigel loved the concept but didn’t feel that they produced it. Mia loved it. She thought Billy was amazing but that Jose fell short. Adam wanted them both to hit it harder.

Overall, it was a night filled with triumphs, injuries and a few mediocre performances. If I had to pick the bottom three I would choose Adechike, Robert and Ashley based on their performances and the fact that their fellow competitors were just better. Tune in tomorrow to FOX at 9 pm to see the results.

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