If We Controlled Your Remote… 7/14/10

Jenny’s Choice

Tonight was a pretty easy choice for me… Since Psych started 4 seasons ago, it’s been one of my favorite shows. Shawn & Gus are hysterical together, and the supporting cast is fantastic. While there are some heavier moments sometimes, the show rarely takes itself seriously, yet it doesn’t come off as cheesy or stupid. Just funny.

For more info on Psych and to see Megan’s choice, jump with us!

If you’ve never seen or heard of the show, it’s about a guy named Shawn Spencer (James Roday, The Dukes of Hazzard) that pretends to be psychic. In reality, he just learned from his (now retired) policeman father (Corbin Bersen, LA Law) how to be very aware of his surroundings. He can walk into a room, and within moments, tell you almost anything about the room that you wanted to know. His reluctant sidekick Gus (Dule Hill, The West Wing) has been his best friend for years, and is much less impulsive than Shawn. His father & Gus both know he isn’t really psychic, but both keep his secret as he & Gus work with the Santa Barbara Police Department in an “official psychic capacity.” Shawn’s contacts at the police are Timothy Omundson (Judging Amy) as Detective Carlton Lassiter, who Shawn irritates on a regular basis, Maggie Lawson (Crumbs, Inside Schwartz) as Detective Juliet O’Hara and Kirsten Nelson (Everwood), as Chief Karen Vick. None of the police know Shawn isn’t really psychic, although Lassie (as Shawn calls him) has his doubts. Shawn & Juliet have been flirty and in a “I find you attractive and like you a lot but haven’t admitted it aloud” relationship for years, even though they came close last season. I personally love them and want them together!

Anyway, if you haven’t seen it yet, you’re missing out. Why not check out the season premiere tonight on USA at 10/9c?

Megan’s Choice

I’m a sucker for So You Think You Can Dance, always have been and always will be. So with that in mind, I recommend watching SYTYCD tonight at 8 pm on FOX. Sure it’s “another dancing show” but it’s also an emotional experience. Sounds corny but it’s true. There are moments when a dance is so real and touching that it brings tears to my eyes (last week’s routine with Kent/Lauren choreographed by Travis Wall was intense.) Other times when it’s so amazingly entertaining you’re jumping out of your seat (like the hip-hop routine with Twitch and Alex Wong, that was fabulous).

Last week we lost the tremendous Alex Wong from the competition due to an injury, so now the dancers are going to be on edge. They’ve lost a big competitor, but they also watched their friend get hurt and lose his chance, so the nerves are going to be insane this week. We’re either going to see everyone stepping up and killing their routines or I think we might see some dancers holding back a bit for fear of a terrible injury like Alex’s. Whatever the case it’s going to be an interesting night so don’t miss it tonight at 8 pm on FOX.

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