If We Controlled Your Remote… 7/15/10

Thursday brings us a whole buffet of wonderful television, with so many fabulous shows to choose from the choice wasn’t easy. Let’s see what we decided on.

Megan’s Choice

Thursdays are starting to become a favorite for me, with the new ABC drama, Rookie Blue. I simply love this show! It’s full of sarcasm, drama and even a bit of police work. 😉

On tonight’s episode, Andy goes under cover as a prostitute, but plans don’t go as easily as they expected. Andy and Dov try to impress the Sgt. Boyko but it all goes a wry. If you haven’t seen the show yet then you don’t know what your missing! Tune into ABC at 9 pm and watch the all new Rookie Blue. You’ll be glad you did.

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Jenny’s Choice

I’m so excited that today is Thursday. I felt so out of sorts last week with no new Burn Notice. But it’s new this week, making it my choice for the week! The show is fantastic. Smart, funny, sexy, and just plain fun to watch!

On tonight’s episode, Coby Bell is back as new team member, Jesse. Sam and Jesse pursue a contract assassin to inquire about a murder; Michael asks for Fiona’s help as he searches for an antiques thief, but in order to catch the suspect in the act, the duo must go undercover as security consultants.

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