So You Think You Can Dance Top 6 – 7/14/10

Tonight there are just 7 finalists competing on So You Think You Can Dance, but only 6 of the finalists got to compete tonight because Ashley injured herself and will have to sit out this week. That mean already going into the show we know that Ashley is in the bottom 3. Let’s see who else is going to be there with her.

Lauren with all-star Mark
Tahitian choreographed by Tiana LiUFay

My thoughts: This routine was really different, and exciting to watch. Lauren has some serious hip action and is actually quite impressive. Mark looks kind of hot with that tattoo on his chest.
Judges: Nigel loved it, even if he can’t talk about the technical aspect. Which doesn’t surprise me, he’s a dirty old man. Mia loved it but compared it to a “duck in heat”. In Mia’s world that is apparently a good thing. Adam thought it was fabulous, and congratulated Lauren on her hip movements.

Adechike with all-star Anya
Salsa choreographed by Liz Lira

My Thoughts: It looked really rough and messy, but I didn’t like it. Sure the tricks were great but I just didn’t enjoy it. It looked painful and not as smooth as it should have been. Maybe it’s because I still don’t really like Adechike but I could have lived without this routine.
Judges:Nigel loved it, and thought it was great. Mia thought it had “bumps”. Adam thought it was “hard-ass choreography” and Adechike was there for her.

Jose with all-star Courtney
Broadway choreographed by Joey Dowling

My Thoughts: I loved Courtney’s costume, it was adorable. I really felt bad for Jose because he was so out of his element and for the first time in ages it showed.
Judges: Nigel feels that Jose’s greatest strength is his personality and he lost that with this number. Mia agrees, but had a hard time telling him what he did wrong. Adam wants him to get some finish on his lines. They all still love him though.

Robert with all-star Alison
Contemporary choreographed by Travis Wall

My Thoughts: Such a beautiful piece, inspired by his mother’s health struggles. I thought it was so touching and they did a fabulous job. For the first time I felt connected to Robert, and I appreciated seeing Robert’s emotion. It earned a standing ovation. Kudos.
Judges: Nigel thought it transcended the contest, and it was beautiful. Mia was in tears, and felt such a connection. She thinks their parents would be so proud of them. Adam thinks it was one of the best performances of the season. He thought they were brilliant.

Billy with all-star Anya
Jive choreographed by Louis Van Amstel

My Thoughts: The music is really catchy, but I hope his faces aren’t contagious! What was with the ridiculous faces he was pulling. I didn’t realize Billy was strong enough to lift a partner like that. Overall, I actually enjoyed the routine and thought that Billy did a decent job, but I’m not jumping out of my seat. What was really funny was when Cat said “Sex bomb” and Billy thought she said “sex bum”.
Judges: Nigel thought it was good, but wants him to get down more. Mia thought it was stellar performance by Billy. Adam thought he was totally in charge.

Kent with all-star Neil
Broadway choreographed by Tyce Diorio

My Thoughts: Seeing these two very strong men, dance in their baseball uniforms was rather amusing and attractive. 😉 I love Neil, and seeing him with the adorable Kent doing flips and turns was fierce. Such an intricate routine and it was fabulous. Such a great job.
Judges: Nigel said Kent was an all star and he was out dancing Neil. Mia said she loves boys! She loved the choreography, and thought it was such a strong routine. Adam loved the routine, and he thinks Kent has a huge career on Broadway if he wants it.

Now the contestants will dance with each other!

Billy and Lauren
Jazz choreographed by Mandy Moore

My Thoughts: It was a really cute routine, and incredibly hard not to love. I want a pair of those shoes. If there was anything bad about this routine I didn’t see it. Fab-u-lous!
Judges: Nigel loved it, and thought Billy did tremendous. Mia thought it was “quirky and groovy”. Adam thought it was “happy-making”. He was happy that Billy got lost in the dance, and he thinks the boys have something to afraid of because she’s moving on up the contender list.

Jose with Dominic (because of an odd number of contestants)
B-Boy choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon

My Thoughts: That was sick! It was so freaking cool to see the breaking war on the stage, and I loved it. The idea of the “Young Arthur” was so awesome. I was enthralled.
Judges: Nigel thinks he redeemed himself for earlier. He pointed out no other dancer on the show that night could have danced like that. Mia still “loves boys”. All she wants from Jose is more fine tuning. Adam thought he “schooled” them, and totally made up for earlier.

Kent and Adechike
Contemporary choreographed by Dee Caspary

My Thoughts: This was a difficult pairing for me because I always find Kent so engaging but Adechike doesn’t really connect with me well. Surprisingly, when paired up with his buddy, they brought out personality in each other. It was a very moving routine. I was amazed at how strong the routine looked with the two guys doing contemporary. It was a fabulously choreographed routine.
Judges: Nigel thought it was tremendous. He was happy with Kent’s portrayal and how he didn’t over act it. Mia thinks Kent is “an unbelievable dancer”. The vunerability of the routine was amazing. Adam thinks they were great artists.

Robert with all-star Kathryn because Ashley was injured.
Disco choreographed by Dorianna Sanchez

My Thoughts: The lifts were a little messy but under the circumstances I was impressed. Such a fast routine. Didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it either.
Judges: Nigel thinks disco is really hard, and he felt that Robert did a great job. Mia didn’t love it at all. Adam thought it was good, and he bought it.

Overall, it was a great week with only a few bumps. I do think they need to seriously take out protective insurance the dancers because the injury rate among them is outstandingly high. If I had to choose someone for the bottom 3 I would choose Billy and Robert because I don’t connect with them. What do you think?

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