If We Controlled Your Remote… 7/21/10

Jenny’s Choice

Megan is currently in California for Comic-Con (Woohoo!), so the next week or so of this post is up to me. Tonight’s choice is pretty easy for me. I thought about recommending Hot in Cleveland, and that would have been a very valid choice. But based on the description of Psych, I have to make it my recommendation. It is as funny now as it was when it first started, and I can’t wait for tonight’s episode.

When a woman is found dead in her home with a mysterious bottle of pills from an experimental lab trial, Gus and Lassiter, who have been taking the same… wait for it… tap dancing class, begin a homicide investigation into the deadly medicine.

Three words: Gus. Lassie. Tap.

Classic. 😀 Don’t miss tonight’s episode on USA at 10/9c!

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