Interview with Ben Feldman from Drop Dead Diva

I was given the opportunity to interview the fabulous, funny and adorable Ben Feldman who plays the guardian angel, Fred, on Lifetime’s hit dramedy, Drop Dead Diva.

Ben was great to talk to, and very gracious with his time. I appreciate his compliment on the site’s name (kudos to Jenny), but the fact that he paid attention makes me love him that much more.

His character, Fred, is the guardian angel of Jane (Brooke Elliott). His job is to help with Deb’s adjustment into Jane’s life and it makes for interesting moments. To top it all off Fred, fall madly in love with Jane’s best friend Stacey (April Bowlby), and is trying to win her over.

He’s been one of my favorite characters since the pilot and I was so excited to do this interview. Without further adieu you can jump ahead with me and read the interview, and my input as well. (After all, when am I not entirely opinionated 😉 )

Megan- What drew you to Drop Dead Diva?

Ben- Originally it was just another audition. I wasn’t cast as a regular as first, but now I am. It’s a fun show and we do fun stuff.

Megan- We recently got to see you sing on the show, and it was quite enjoyable, will there will be more karaoke in Fred’s future?

Ben -God I hope not. They seem to give me one a season and I’m not a fan of karaoke.

Megan- You own a wine label, so do your friends ask for your opinion on wines or do they get upset if you have input?

Ben -It’s a delicate balance, some friends think I know way too much, and are far too trusting. Others If you smell your glass too much they think you’re the jerk.

Megan- What are some of your favorite television shows?

Ben- I love Treme, I’m weirdly obsessed with New Orleans. Anything that’s smart. West Wing, unless I’m tired then it’s something like American Idol

Megan- What shows would you like to guest star on?

Ben- Anything on HBO/showtime and of course Mad Men would be my dream guest starring role.

Megan- Maybe, you could be a singing vampire on True Blood?

Ben- *laughs* I don’t think I’m sexy enough for True Blood, maybe some day.

[Note from Me: I beg to differ, he could totally be adorable vampire bait 😉 Or a sexy innocent new vampire, Maybe? 😉 ]

Megan- The show focuses a lot on what makes a woman beautiful, and the strength of women, so what do you find beautiful in a woman?

Ben-For me, and I might sound like a girl saying this because I usually hear girls say this, but humour is the most important thing. Someone who can make me laugh, can laugh at themselves, and eventually spend the rest of the relationship laughing at me. I think funny people or smart people, and those two things are usually together. Also she can’t be that much taller than me.

[Note from Me: Women you can stop swooning he’s already got a girlfriend 😉 ]

Megan- Are we going to get to see Fred and Stacey together eventually?

Ben-I think the writers would be letting everyone down if that wasn’t the case, there’s a major focus on him wooing stacey this season, and while he takes a few detours that’s the goal.

That was the extent of the interview, but I loved every minute. Ben was adorable and so talkative. Don’t miss Drop Dead Diva, Sundays on Lifetime at 9 pm.

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