If We Controlled Your Remote… 7/30/10

Thank GOD it’s Friday! It’s been a long two week for both Megan and myself, and since it’s Friday, it’s only 1 day until the weekend. It’s going to be a great weekend for me, as my 12 year old leaves on Sunday to visit his grandma for a week. I’ll definitely be kicking back and relaxing while he’s gone, because once he’s back, he’ll have about a week before he starts middle school! Criminy, where did the time go?! Anyway, let’s get to what we think you should watch, and as always, let us know what you have planned!

Jenny’s Choice

Yes, I’m repeating again, but I can’t help it. Eureka has been VERY interesting so far this season. They went back in time, then came back to a different world. Allison’s autistic son is no longer austistic. Henry, the widower, is married to some woman he barely knows. Allison and Carter kissed in the past before they came back to the future. Zane proposed to Jo before she went back in time, and she basically said no; when she got back, the two of them had never had a relationship and aren’t together (which makes me CRY!). Things are crazy!

For more on my recommendation and to see Megan’s choice, jump with us!

On this week’s episode, Allison struggles in her attempts to connect with her son amidst the mayhem of of Eureka’s Space Week festival; Carter prepares to visit Zoe at Harvard, but he worries that he and his daughter might have grown apart during her time away. (He hasn’t seen her since he got back from the past, either. So how will that time travel have affected their relationship?!) Check it out tonight on Syfy at 9/8c!

Megan’s Choice

Tonight is a Syfy night with us, with my choice being Haven at 10/9c. I really enjoy this show, and it’s quirky cast. The mysteries are just strange enough that you can’t help but be amused and intrigued.

Last episode, had the town people, including Nathan (Lucas Bryant), being affected by a musical virus sort to speak. Agent Parker (Emily Rose), helped get to the bottom of it, and discovered out more about her past as well. In tonight’s episode, she’s going to dig deeper into her past as well as save the town from another mysterious ailment.

If you haven’t tuned in before it’s not too late to fall in love with this creative show, just tune in to Syfy tonight at 10/9c and thank me later. 😉

Happy viewing!

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