If We Controlled Your Remote… 8/1/10

It’s August already, which is bittersweet. I’m sad that summer is almost over, but excited because fall brings school for the little ones, and of course all the season premieres of our favorite shows. Well, not all our favorites because some shows have been kind enough to have their seasons run through the summer. (Otherwise, we’d have nothing to recommend you watch 😉 ) Let’s take a look at our suggestions.

Megan’s Choice

Sundays are always a tough decision for me, because I watch a few shows that are all quite different. I’m going to be predictable and go with True Blood. I just can’t help myself.

Last week’s episode was fierce! Tara kicked ass, Alcide came running to the rescue in all his glory, and Lorena attacked Sookie just as the screen faded to black. I cannot wait to find out if Alcide can save Sookie, if Franklin is really gone, and also to find out what is going on with Jason’s new love interest. It’s so hard to wait, because waiting sucks!

Tune in to HBO tonight at 9/8c and enjoy all the addictive insanity that is True Blood.

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Jenny’s Choice

Tonight, I’m going with something new. AMC is premiering their new drama, Rubicon, at 8/7c. The show is a conspiracy thriller set in a NYC-based government intelligence agency, API, where nothing is what it seems. The series focuses on a beleaguered analyst, Will Travers, who, faced with a shocking tragedy, begins to uncover clues that point to a complex and sinister conspiracy. The show’s cast includes James Badge Dale (The Pacific), Dallas Roberts (The L Word), Jessica Collins (The Nine, CSI), Christopher Evan Welch, Lauren Hodges (Law & Order) with Arliss Howard and Miranda Richardson.

I love the idea behind the show, so that alone would be a good reason to watch. Besides that, though, I’ve had great success this summer with new, original programs. I’m excited for this show, because I’m hoping it’ll be another hit one to watch. Watch the 2-hour premiere tonight on AMC at 8/7c and check it out yourself! 🙂

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