If We Controlled Your Remote… 8/5/10

Does anyone else feel like this week is moving past too quickly? I feel like it’s going to be September before we know it, which is bittersweet. New fall shows, returning favorites, but shorter days and no more beach parties. Alright, enough drama let’s take a look at what great summer shows you should watch tonight!

Megan’s Choice

Rookie Blue is an easy suggestion for me today because it’s becoming one of my favorite new shows. I love the cast, but even more I love the writing. Last week’s episode, made Andy (Missy Peregrym) take a good look at what kind of police officer she wanted to be. While Chris and Gail go from being partners for the day to becoming more than just friends. I’m surprised about that actually seeing as Chris is engaged, but it wouldn’t be a drama without love triangles. 😉

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On tonight’s episode, the recent heat wave is making life more dangerous for the rookies. The squad learns that there is a serial rapist on the loose and Andy ends up taking down a predator on her own during a blackout. Also in this episode Dov (Gregory Smith) delivers a baby.

Tune in to ABC tonight at 9/8c to see how they all handle these difficult situations.

Jenny’s Choice

I really thought about trying to figure out something new to recommend, but I just can’t. LOL Burn Notice is once again my choice. It’s my favorite show, so it should really come as no surprise. 😉 On tonight’s episode, when Michael learns that a witness, who is a dire necessity to the prosecution’s case against some serious criminal activity, is in danger, he goes undercover as a contract assassin in order to help protect them from the real hit-man. Click on the picture to see a bigger shot of a very sexy Michael Weston. Mmmm. *drool* haha Whether you think he’s hot or not, check out the new episode of Burn Notice tonight on USA at 9/8c.

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