Interview with Jackson Hurst from Drop Dead Diva

If you are a regular reader you know that I absolutely adore Drop Dead Diva and I’ve had a chance to speak with most of the cast already. This week I had the delicious duty of interviewing the adorable and wonderful Jackson Hurst.

Jackson plays Grayson, the object of Jane’s heart’s desire, who is struggling with so many of his own inner issues all the while grieving for his lost love, Deb. Grayson is more than just another pretty face on the show, he’s a troubled soul, but also a champion for the rights of people and animals (see chimp episode for explanation) alike.

I suppose that’s enough stroking of the character’s ego for now. Jump with me to read the interview and get yourself ready for an all new episode of Drop Dead Diva tonight at 9 pm on Lifetime.


Megan- Why Drop Dead Diva? What was it about Grayson that drew you to the role?

Jackson- It was the demons, the struggle, and the tragedies. He has such a tragic story. I like to play characters that have some sort of tragedy, or something tragic happens and you have to deal with it. When I talked to the writers and producers early on, I wanted to make sure that the guy wouldn’t be very vanilla. I wanted him to have some demons and being able to survive. Grayson he’s deep he’s got a lot of layers, comes primarily from the loss of Deb. I want people to know he’s a strong guy and he’s just going to keep getting stronger and stronger.

[Note from Me: I find Grayson to be such an intricate character, the depth of his pain only adds to the show. Love it all!]

Megan- A lot of the characters on the show seem to be having scenes of singing or dancing, usually via dream sequence or kareoke, will we be seeing Grayson break into a song or dance in the future?

Jackson- I can dance and shake my money maker. *chuckles* Singing is not my thing, you don’t want me to sing. Trust me

Megan- That could be fun though, a completely bad singing number from Grayson?

Jackson- *laughs* I’ve mentioned it before that it could be fun. I’m just not sure.

[Note from Me: Take note writers! We want to see Grayson shake his “money maker” 😉 Sign me up for sure.]

Megan- Who has been your favorite guest star this season?

Jackson- This year it’s been Paula Abdul, and an upcoming episode with Barry Watson. Of course the Chimpanzee I worked with a few episodes a go was great.

Megan-Will Vanessa stay around long or is she just another bump in the road for Grayson and Jane?

Jackson- Well, you’re all going to have to watch to find out.

[Note from Me: You can’t blame a girl for trying! To all of you fans who tweeted or emailed me, I asked but he’s too strong, no spoilers for you! 😉 ]

Megan-How are you different or similar to your character?

Jackson- I think Grayson had an easier road growing up, I had a rougher road. I try to bring some of myself to the character. He’s a “dude” who likes to drink beer and play sports, but the biggest differences are in the way we grew up.

[Note from Me: Now I’m intrigued, I am curious by nature, and love to know what makes people tick. Whatever trials Jackson faced as a child, have definitely made him a stronger actor. It’s given him a well to pull from and he uses it well.]

Megan-Anything new coming up for you that you’d like to talk about?

Jackson- Yeah I have a new film, The Loop it’s just finished post production. It’s an incredible movie, I saw the rough cut and I’m really thrilled with it. I was one of the leads in that. And it’s directed by an amazing woman, Margaret Whitton, and it was shot by Philippe Rousselot, who’s also incredible. I star opposite Rachel Nichols,and it was pretty amazing. It’s heading down to the festival circuit, and I’m looking forward to getting out and making rounds with the press and promoting this great film.

Megan- Do you have a favorite tv show you like to watch in your down time?

Jackson- I don’t watch a lot of TV, but I like to crack it up with Modern Family and reruns of The Office .

[Note from Me: This TV obsessed journalist will forgive him for not watching TV. 🙂 ]

Megan- Drop Dead Diva does such a fabulous job of portraying the beauty of woman in all shapes and sizes, why do you feel that it’s important to have a show like this on the air?

Jackson-I think it’s one of the most important shows out there, because of that reason. It forces you to look inside yourself and really think about things. You realize that inner beauty is the most important thing. I hope it’s really touched people like I think it has.

Megan- It has. It’s a great show and you’re all doing a fabulous job with it.

Jackson- Thank you.

That’s all the time we had for the interview, and it just flew by with his easy nature and quick answers.

If you haven’t watched Drop Dead Diva yet, you my friends are missing out. It’s one of those rare shows that manages to balance humour, drama, love and lessons all in one hour. A true gift to the television world, you’ll be thankful you listened to me and checked it out.

Tune in Sunday nights at 9 pm on Lifetime and watch this amazing show.

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8 Responses to Interview with Jackson Hurst from Drop Dead Diva

  1. Chey says:

    I love Drop Dead Diva.. had me crying last night about the show…through most of it!!
    was wonderful 🙂

    thanks for this show hollywood

  2. Chey says:

    oh yeah and I really want to see Jane and Grayson would be awesome for her to tell him she is Deb but he will think she is nuts and not believe her and besides if he DID believe her it would change the show I think, too much. What I don’t get is when you meet someone who has the same personality as someone you loved, wouldn’t you wonder? I don’t know why Grayson doesn’t pick up on that!
    I have had men in my life that reminded me of a lost love before and I was drawn to them…
    but we are each unique so Deb’s persona/personality would be unique to her making “JANE” an enigma.
    Why isn’t Grayson snapping to this?


  3. josie says:

    love DDD-grayson and jane need to fall in love-i guess not right away but he needs to keep seeing deb in jane

  4. Cookie says:

    He is just to too dreamy for words. AND he is single…wow. grin

  5. Joy says:

    You are right people are doing themselves a favor in watching this show, each episode is as good or better then the last. I love the tension between Greysen and Jane, it brings back memories of “Who’s the Boss” and how well the attraction tension went between Toni and Angela. I can only how that Drop Dead Deva is as successful and has as meany seasons….That would be a dream come true!
    I adore the dream sequences, the lessons taught and the lucious layers to the characters especially Greysen but since last night Jane in realizing the weightiness of her pushing the button and the responsiblity it brings, way to go writers! All in all makes for delicious programing!

  6. moria says:

    I think that Jane is so much more than Deb ever was or could be. The little we have been shown about Deb, shows us a rather self absorbed lady. I think her incredible compassion is jointly due to the Deb/Jane mix. When she is helping her client the clown at the end of the show (no spoiler here) and Grayson sees\’s her, his face is so great. He has to quit looking for Deb in other blondes. I love this show so much. Thank you Lifetime and some of the best actors, EVER. Fabulous Cast!

  7. Cruz, Martha says:

    I love the show, Ihope that it comes back next Summer, also love Army wives, these shows r awesome.

  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE DROP DEAD DIVA. Greyson and Jane -guardian angel/friend. These are the fabric of the show. The show cant survive without them, right? I want Jane to tell Grayson she’s Deb but what will that do to the relationship and to the tention in the story. After all it is something to hold onto. and the consequences the guardian angel warns Jan about. I noticed a lot of conflict and bickering among the friends in the fanale’/but they did patch things up. The season ending is great. I hope reruns are aired to gap the new season. TV sucks these days and I couldnt live without Drop Dead Diva. Thanks