TV News – 8/24/10

I wish I could say it’s been a good Tuesday for me, but alas I can’t. I’ve been under the weather and am fighting off a kidney infection. If I wasn’t able to type right now I’d blame the Mack truck that I’m sure ran over me. 😉 That’s enough whining and complaining about my woes, let’s take a look at some TV news.

It’s going to be a father-son reunion on The Whole Truth this fall, when Judd Hirsch (the father on Numb3rs) guest stars with Rob Morrow (his son from Numb3rs). Hirsch will be playing “a well-respected judge who is accused of corruption and murder. He hires Morrow’s rising criminal attorney to represent him.” The Whole Truth will premiere on September 22nd, and I so far I’m enjoying what I’ve seen. Source

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The A&E series, Hoarders, will be returning with it’s third season on September 6th, at 10 pm. The show follows two different people each episode, and their struggle with the issue of hoarding. It’s sad, and it really shines a light on the repercussions of the disease. If you’re looking for an eye opening series tune in on September 6th and let me know what you think. Source

Finally for tonight, here are some delicious spoilers and details about the next season of Glee courtesy of E!Online. I know some of you hate spoilers (Yes I’m talking to you the crazy one in the corner 😉 ), but if you hate spoilers don’t click the link. Everyone else go ahead, but be warned SPOILERS AHEAD!

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