Interview with Natasha Henstridge from Drop Dead Diva

I was lucky enough to get the chance to interview Natasha Henstridge (), about her upcoming guest appearance on Drop Dead Diva two part season finale, airing Sunday, August 8t, starting at 9 pm on Lifetime.

Natasha was funny, endearing and an all round joy to speak with. She raved about her time on the show and how great the cast is. We chatted about being Canadian and her future projects. Please jump ahead and read this interview with a fabulous woman .

Megan- What can you tell us about your upcoming role on Drop Dead Diva?

Natasha- I come in as the former partner at Harrison. No one knew about me, and they definitely didn’t know about my relationship with Parker. I put the firm in a very difficult place when I come back.

Megan- Is the door left open for a possible recurring character?

Natasha- It’s definitely possible. Josh Berman and I have spoken about it, and there is definitely enough material for the character. So much could be done with her.

Megan- How did you find it working with the cast of Drop Dead Diva?

Natasha- I heard they were really nice, but they are even more than really nice. They are easy going, welcoming and overall phenomenal. Brooke Elliott (Jane) is just a joy to watch. I’ve actually never seen a cast that gets along so well. It was a great experience.

Megan- Do you have any other projects coming up you’d like to talk about?

Natasha- I have a cameo coming up in a movie called, Should Have Been Romeo. I’m getting to poke fun at myself and it should be fun. There’s also a pilot that I’m in talks about my I can’t talk about the details yet.

Megan- Are there any other shows you’d like to guest star on?

Natasha- Guest starring is fun, but only when the role is worth it. I’d much rather be a regular on a series.

[Note from Me: We’d much rather that too, we love seeing her on our television.]

Megan- Final question for you, why do you feel that a show like Drop Dead Diva is so important in the way it portrays and empowers women of all shapes and sizes?

Natasha- I think it’s so important for so many reasons. It’s such a great example for women to live up to. People are slowly starting to realize that you don’t have to be a size zero to be the lead, and that’s fabulous. I love it.

I had a great time chatting with Natasha and I encourage you to tune in to watch Drop Dead Diva , Sunday nights at 9 pm on Lifetime. You can’t possibly know what you’re missing until you give it a try. 🙂 Happy viewing everyone.

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