If We Controlled Your Remote… 9/2/10

For today it’s only going to be me (aka Megan) who’s suggesting something. As the summer season comes to an end, there are less and less shows we think you should be watching. While I won’t come right out and tell you not to watch Jersey Shore on MTV tonight, that is not where my recommendation lies. 😉 Let’s see what I think you should be watching, and let’s face it I’m usually right. 😀

Megan’s Choice

It’s a Thursday so my TV will be tuned to Rookie Blue on ABC at 9/8c. Every week I fall more and more in love with this show. If you haven’t been watching you are depriving yourself of a fabulous night of TV!

Jump ahead to see more about tonight’s episode.

Last week’s episode had Andy and Sam losing a prisoner in the woods and the rookies having to get their weapon recertification. Andy and Sam eventually found the prisoner, and had a sweet moment between the two of them. (Andy and Sam FTW!) Later, Luke and Andy made up (*sigh*) and all because Sam tried to give Andy what he thinks is best for her.

Tonight we’re going to see Andy face the chance that her father may have murdered someone while he was drunk. Meanwhile, Chris and Dov’s squad car gets robbed. I’m excited are you? Tune in tonight at 9 pm on ABC and see why I love Rookie Blue and you should too!

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2 Responses to If We Controlled Your Remote… 9/2/10

  1. Jewls says:

    I really dont get Andy with luke…

  2. Megan says:

    My *sigh* is one of frustration! I want Andy with Sam 🙂