Interview with Maggie Lawson from Psych

It’s finally time for me to start releasing my interviews from the Psych set visit, starting with Maggie Lawson who plays Juliet. She was a doll to speak with and just generally a lot of fun. Read about her view on Juliet, what it’s like working with her boyfriend (James Roday), and where she sees her character in the future.

Having Lassiter be the one at the end of last season in Yin, to be there for Juliet was a great moment for those two characters, what are your views on their relationship?

Maggie: Yeah. I love that. I think that, at first, you know, Juliet was sort of like—if she doesn’t play by Lassiter’s rules, obviously he’s going to be very upset. He’s not the nicest guy. But I think he’s—the character, I think they’ve done a really good job with writing him as well, because he has sort of let her do her own thing and find her own way. And so, over the seasons, rather than this always—you know him—like, the biting back and forth, it’s become more of a mutual respect, and I think she really does look up to him and how he works. I don’t think it’s the way she’s going to do things ever, but I think that she does respect the way he does it, and I don’t think she would be the cop, the detective that she is without him. And I think we, like, really got to see that, which was so nice, at the end of last season, in Yin, where, you know, that—just that moment. I mean, as simple as it was, just Juliet having that breakdown. I loved so much that it was Lassiter who was there for her and not Shawn, because I think the characters have just so earned that over the season. So I think that—you know, that shows a lot about how they feel about each other in all their differences. I don’t know if they—I think if either lost the other, it would be like losing a limb. Like, I think they really are dependent on each other.

How would you like to see Juliet and Shawn’s relationship develop?

Maggie: Good question. I think—again, I think we’ve done a good job, over the last few seasons, of, like, really playing out how a relationship like this might go. So many complications are going to come into play when and if these characters get together. So I think that we’ve, like, exhausted a lot of that now. So I think that—yeah, I think, like, some very serious things have been said, and it’s just like—it’s like a little ticking bomb that I feel like is going to—it’s going to happen, somehow, in a big way. It’s either going to be great, or it’s going to be a crazy fall-out. I mean, there’s—Shawn has a huge secret and, you know, if he’s going to have honest relationships, how does all that work? And so, you know, I think it’s—I would like to see—for both of them to be honest about their feelings with each other, however that’s going to play out.

You have already referenced the PTSD, so will that come into play later on in the episodes?

Maggie: Well, we’ve already seen it a little this season, just because, you know, she left for as long as she did, and it was sort of that weird line of, like, “How long are you going to be away?” Like, it’s clearly affected her, which I—and more—one of—speaking of hair color, one of the things I kind of liked just is that there’s just a little bit of a darker place. Like, I’ve seen in, like, the first—well, we’re on episode nine now. But [indiscernible], I think. So, you know, there’s—she’s almost a little bit more bitey and a bit more defensive, and I think in this season more than others. So I think there’s, like, a level of that that’s going to hang around for a while, and I think—you know, I like that. I like it. I like that they’re writing toward it, and I like that—you know, I like getting to play that, because sometimes I think things like that happen, and they’re just ignored. So I feel like the longer that my, like, darker hair stays around and stuff like that, and who knows how long that’s going to be? But just for me, like, I think I like that there’s—it’s still hanging around, like, just a little bit. But I also think, like, even the Lassiter stuff this year has been a little stronger, it’s been a little deeper. So there’s been a whole kind of, like, fallout from that that—yeah. I mean, you know. I don’t know if we’re seeing Juliet in therapy, but maybe her version of that is—this is how she’s dealing with it.

How would you compare you to Juliet?

Maggie: Good question. Let’s see. How would I compare? I would—well, I would like to think that I go at things the way Juliet does, which is—you know, she sort of stops at nothing to like—if, you know, whether she’s going undercover and whatever. I like to think that I’m that way, though I’m not always. But, let’s see. I think that Juliet, sometimes, is a little bit clumsy, and I am definitely that. Yeah. I’m trying to think of other things. But I have a lot of [similarity] and I think this sort of, like, helped in dealing with the characters that my character has. I think, like, we’ve said it before. Like, four or five brothers. I think it may have changed over the seasons, how many brothers I have. But I have two brothers in real life, so I think that, naturally, I have, like, tomboyish tendencies which, obviously, Juliet has as well.

The show has sort of gone more serious tones for all the characters, but can you just expand on, working with Dule and the other characters? I love the relationship between you and Dule, I just feel it hasn’t been explored enough yet.

Maggie: Yeah. I agree. There has been moments every now and again, over the seasons, there’s always a moment where we bond over something. You know, last year in that refrigeration truck. You know, Shawn gets shot in the dark. You know, we go on sort of our own case together. And they’ve bonded over being, nerds a little bit. The Comic-Con, yeah, and stuff. So I would like to see that a little more as well. But it has been a little bit more serious. I feel like the last two—this season and season four sort of have led us into a deeper look at all of their relationships, which I think, naturally, makes it seem a little more dramatic because we’re going to darker—a little, you know, darker places. I think we’re, obviously, still finding the comedy, but I think it can almost promote more because it’s kind of uncomfortable to go to some of those darker places sometimes. But this season, definitely. This episode that we’re shooting right now is crazy.

Speaking of relationships, is it difficult working with someone that you are actually dating?

Maggie: I think that it can be, yeah. But for us, it’s not. We have really balanced it, you know, we had Psych before we had our relationship, and I kind of love that we’ve held on to—, work is work, and when we’re at work, we’re working. And his partner at work is Dule. My partner at work is Tim. I feel like it’s been a really healthy, awesome, approach. We’ve, I think, done a good job of, you know, keeping that. There were people who, on the crew, that still come up to me and they’re like, “You guys are dating? Like, really?” I mean, it’s not like we don’t speak at work. It’s just that, you know, we have a definite line of, like, you know, we—when we’re at work, it’s about work, and we keep it about work. And then we can get all, you know, lovey-dovey after work.

Do you have any desire to direct?

Maggie: Good question. I think that before me, especially on Psych, there are many people who deserve that opportunity. I do love watching, and I’ve learned a lot, and I think that eventually I would like to, yes. It probably wouldn’t happen on my Psych—in my Psych lifetime, but in my career lifetime, I would hope. Yeah. It’s fun. It’s interesting. Things that I—you kind of assume that you—that, you know. I don’t know, you know, and then you go on a scout with one of the directors or, you know, you start asking questions and you’re like, “Wow. What goes into directing an episode?” James is directing the next one that we’re doing. Watching him prep, too, it’s just—it’s crazy. It’s great. It’s, like, really creating an entire piece. But yeah, eventually. Someday.

How do you want to see the character grow and develop this season?

Maggie: Yeah. I think I want to see her—well, I think that she probably—is that weird, saying “she”? I do that, but then I’m always like, “That’s just weird.” I think she’s let her guard down a little bit, and been burned a lot, so I think she’s still a little bit afraid to do that. So I would like to see, over the rest of the season—yeah, and just in the future of the show, her—you know, continue to do that without, retreating back into a hole and getting either defensive or protecting herself or whatever. You know, let the people know how you feel. I like that. Those are some of my favorite episodes when Juliet, like, takes a stand, you know, even if you fall.

If somebody besides Gus or Henry were to find out that Shawn’s not really a psychic, who else would you like to be the next person? Would you like to see Juliet?

Maggie: I don’t know. I think that’s a—I don’t know. I would say if there’s ever going to be an honest relationship for Shawn and Juliet that it would be good for him to tell her. But I don’t know, situations can backfire sometimes. I don’t want to know that. But I think that somewhere along, like, deep in everyone’s, like, you know, thoughts of Shawn, that they kind of know he’s a fake. I think he’s really good at what he does, but there is an element where we’ve all questioned it at some point like, “Really? I don’t know, but I’m going with this because it works and it’s good and you care and you get it done.” So it would be an interesting turn to see how that happens, because part of me thinks that everyone could just sort of be like, “Yeah, we knew. Whatever.” So that’s an interesting thing for us to explore, I think, if and when that ever happens. I would like Juliet to be the next one to know. I think that’d be nice.

In her personality, she’s a very honest person. So, her partner is Lassiter and it would put her in some severe conflict to keep that secret don’t you think?

Maggie: Absolutely. Absolutely, which is why I want it to happen. It’s fun to play all those sides. That would be interesting—we’ll have to see how—just how much her work and her relationship and Lassiter and all of that, then, means to her, and the priorities in which they fall.

That’s all for the interview with Maggie Lawson next up in just a bit Tim Omundson. Don’t miss the summer finale on September 8th at 10 pm on USA Network.

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