TV News – 9/7/10

It’s been a pretty busy day but enjoyable none the less. Let’s get straight to the news tonight because there’s some great stuff tonight! 🙂

You know I love Bones right? I also love So You Think You Can Dance, so what’s better than one of my favorite dancers guest starring on Bones? Not much! 🙂 Stephen Boss (aka tWitch), will be appearing as a suspect in an episode that revolves around street performers. The episode will air in November, and I am so excited! What about you? Do you think it’s a great idea like I do?Source

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The new FOX sensation MasterChef has been renewed for a second season before the winner of this season is even crowned. I am actually really happy about this news because I love this show and at times I’m starting to love it even more than Hell’s Kitchen *Gasp* 🙂 It’s the general format of the show that I find refreshing, and the challenges. I hope this encourages Hell’s Kitchen to step it up because some of the ‘amateur’ chefs could cook circles around some of the past contestants on Hell’s Kitchen. Source

Is there nothing TLC won’t tackle as far as a reality show goes? Polygamy? I won’t pretend to agree with it, not my style however there are times that I wouldn’t mind another wife around to do the laundry or wash the dishes. Wait, I could hire a maid without sharing my husband! 😀 Anyways, there’s a new show coming out called, Sister Wives about a man with three wives. While he’s only ‘legally’ married to one woman, the other women have been around for 16/17 years and now he’s thinking of adding a 4th! If you are interested in watching this ‘situation’ unfold tune into to TLC on Sunday, September 16th at 10 pm and watch the first instalment in a seven part series. My question is… will you be watching? Check out the clip below.

That’s all she wrote. Goodnight and sweet dreams.

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One Response to TV News – 9/7/10

  1. Jenny says:

    So pumped about Twitch. Sister Wives? Not so much. Just… no. Gah.