Interview with Tim Omundson from Psych

Next up in the round of Psych interviews is the fabulous and hilarious Timothy Omundson (and his dog Lucy). 🙂 He was witty, sweet and made the time fly by. In fact we even go to talk about his days as a leprechaun. 😉

It’s been said that you’re the first person on set to break character. First is that true, and second who makes it hardest to keep a straight face?

Tim: I wish it weren’t true, but it is absolutely true. It’s usually caused by James. I mean, Dule knocks me out, but I just find him so funny, and our—we have the same twisted sense of humor, which you wouldn’t necessarily get from last year. But me, he just cracks me up. I just find him hilarious. Dule, not so much. [I’m kidding]. No, you see it’s just—and it’s tough, because Lassiter has no sense of humor and never cracks a smile, really. And so I—there’s no leeway for Lassiter to at all enjoy what Shawn does, but on the inside—that’s why I always say I’m the best actor on the show, because I’m constantly covering wanting to giggle like a girl. There are a few moments where Lassiter, or Lassiter’s sense of humor likes to come out. It tends to be tensely inappropriate times, and he’s always pleased as punch with himself. We did something in Scary Sherry, that never made it to air, that just delighted James to no end, where Lassiter says some quip and then is so pleased, he just gets this big Cheshire Cat grin. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen it, and that just—that’s something that James always liked, so I’ll throw this one in.

We’ve seen kind of Lassiter being frustrated in his social life. So I would like to see, a little bit more of Lassiter possibly dating, could that be a possibility?

Tim: I would, too. Maggie has pitched, many times, that she signs him up on, and becomes his sort of—his love guide of trying to get him into that. I mean, we’ve touched on that a little bit. There hasn’t really been any Lassiter relationship stuff since the break-up of his marriage, which is okay. I mean, Maggie has sort of become his surrogate—well, not social life, but she’s really the only other human being he speaks to, I think. You know, other than the guy who clocks him in at the gun range. So it—you know, we got to see a little bit of it in– I think, A Very Juliet Episode, where he becomes her love counsellor with the—you know, the Grease stuff. And I loved playing that, because then that came out of nowhere for him to be the one that she goes to, and you see this weird sensitive side, just these non-sequiturs like, “Wait, who was that that just—oh, that was Lassiter?” And then kind of never touched on it again. So we’ll see what happens.

Here’s a different one for you. Luck of the Irish. Are you surprised you still have so many younger fans who are or are not watching Psych.

And I get about 35 cents every time it airs now, so that’s great. And what I should have also said is, “You still know who I am, right?” And the great thing about that—those people were, you know, 9, 10, 12, 13, and they’re now 19, 20, 21, 22. It’s like that. My audience has sort of grown with me in a way, which is, I think, really cool that—here’s these kids who were kids when they saw it, and now they’re young adults. Or they’re the parents who—they had little kids at the time, and now they’re watching this, and they’re 30 instead of 20. And, you know, we—apparently, we all grow old, and it’s nice that I sort of have this—what’s—I’m sort of locked in with this certain—I mean, because I’m a—when you see shows as a kid, and they get stuck on the back of your hard drive, and you can never get them out, whether you want to or not, and you don’t necessarily realize they’re there until something else sparks it. And so I think a lot of people go, “I know him from somewhere.” Then they go, “It’s Seamus freaking McTiernan.” So that’s really cool.

[Note from Me: I loved that movie when I was younger 🙂 Total geek moment and I loved when he put on the accent!]

Now that you’ve danced on Psych, can we expect to see you on Dancing With the Stars sometime?

Tim: Okay, now here’s the deal. I really cannot dance to anything written after 1960. So you give me a meringue, you give me a nice waltz or a box step, I will tear that stuff up, because I came from a large Irish-Norwegian-Slovak family. But all the Slovaks are still pretty much in [indiscernible] Washington, so I’ve been going to these family reunions since I was four, and I think I learned how to polka when I was four and a half. It’s all pretty much—all dance is based on the polka. There’s very small variations, but I don’t know. Dancing With the Stars hasn’t called yet.

You mentioned a couple of times about pitching things. Do you feel like there’s lots of, input from the actors on the show about the direction of certain episodes?

Tim: To a degree, but that degree is more so than any other show I’ve ever been on. I mean, Steve Franks called me after season one. He’s like, “What else do you want to do?” I’m like, “Dude, you’ve already had me on a horse in Civil War. I’ve already, shot Hummel’s . I’m trying to think of some other great things I got to do, especially season one where I kind of—we didn’t know what the show was going to be yet, and so suddenly I’d get an episode where I’m in Civil War regalia. “You’ve had me on a horse with a sword. You’ve had me in an Old-Western-timey shoot-out. No, there’s nothing else to do. Whatever else you come up with, I’m good.”

Maggie made a comment about at the end of last season, when Juliet has her breakdown, that she was really happy that Lassiter was the one that was there for her, and not Shawn. And the comment was that the characters had earned this.

Tim: And that’s a phrase we used while shooting that. Like, because [you could have got Shawn]. That would have been really easy. But for—the hard thing is for that asshole from season one, Lassiter, to be the guy who comes in and sort of takes care of her. That was real—that was one of the most satisfying moments to get to play. Anyway, that was a really beautiful day at work. And the song that played over that montage was a beautiful song. Band of Horses. Just gorgeous. And they played that on set while it’s going on, which is—it was just a really lovely, emotional, sweet, sweet day. Yeah. And whoever would have thought if you watch, you know, season one that those two characters would be safe enough with each other to go there. It was great. Plus, it’s like, you know, that’s what happens with cops, and that’s what happens with partners and people, you know, in real life, so I’m glad they addressed that. I wish they’d address it more.

We’ve seen Juliet go undercover. Are we ever going to see Lassiter go undercover, and as what?

Tim: I think Lassiter should go undercover as a drug lord. You know, I keep saying that, well, I’m raring to go. They’ve written in the past that Lassiter had a few bad experiences undercover. Perhaps he lost his temper and blew his cover. But the second this show is over, I grow a beard. I always do, because I get bored with what I look like. So I’ll grow this massive beard and grow my hair out. My rule is, pretty much, I won’t cut it until someone pays me to cut it or my wife threatens to take the kids. So depending on how good my hiatus is going, I could have a pretty long beard. And I keep saying, “I will come back for season one with a beard down to here, if you want.” And I always thought it would be a great time to—we’ll just do, like, one scene of him just post—you know, doing a sort of nark. And then we’ll, you know, shave it off. They haven’t taken me up on it yet.

Well, that’s all from the interview with Tim but he was a delight. Stay tuned for more interviews!

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