TV News – 9/10/10

TGIF! I am so happy the weekend is finally here, aren’t you? Let’s take a look at the news tonight and then you can all get back to enjoying whatever you were doing before you felt the need to come check out the news. 😉

There are some special guests coming to Glee! When the Rock Horror tribute episode airs on October 26th two of the stars from the movie will make an appearance. Meat Loaf and Barry Bostwick are going to make an appearance, and they’ll be playing tv station managers that have a special offer for Sue. I don’t know about you, but any news about Glee is great news. The thought of a Rocky Horror episode makes me super ecstatic. Source

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Melissa Sagemiller (Raising the Bar) will be joining the cast of Law & Order : SVU, as the new assistant district attorney. Originally, Paula Patton (Precious) was going to be playing the role, but because she was recently cast in Mission: Impossible 4 (yes they are making another one 😉 ), she had to cut her guest starring down to one episode. Cue Sagemiller who will come in and fill the void starting in November, with no other details about her character being released yet. I’m excited for the new season of SVU and interested to see where all the new ADAs take us. Source

J.J. Abrams is trying to get a crime-thriller series created by Jonah Nolan (co writer of The Dark Knight and The Prestige). This will be an epic project and I’m not surprised there are already networks interested, are you? I’m interested and I don’t even know any of the details about the show yet. 🙂Source

That’s all for tonight, sweet dreams!

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