If We Controlled Your Remote… 9/12/10

We have a guest poster this week. If you enjoys it, she may start posting every week with us. There are so many good shows on every night to choose from, it’s hard for just me and Megan to choose! So Lisa from Starry Constellation Magazine will be helping us out this week, giving you her opinion every day for what she thinks you should watch. Everyone welcome her! Now, on to what we recommend!

Jenny’s Choice

My recommendation this week is, again, The Glades on A&E. lol I know, I know. I’m a bit repetitive. But hot damn! Last week, Callie kissed Jim! Woohoo! And from the previews, we know she kisses him again this week. Is she happy she has feelings for him? Maybe not… But still… lol On tonight’s episode, when a man is found dead in his swimming pool, Longworth is introduced to the competitive and cut-throat world of high-end horse breeding by Callie, who was once an aspiring jocky; Longworth and Callie grow closer than ever before. Again, woohoo! Don’t miss tonight’s new episode of The Glades on A&E at 10/9c.

To check out Megan and Lisa’s recommendations, jump with us.

Megan’s Choice

Megan is actually really busy today, so I’m (Jenny) going to post for her. Tonight is the season finale of True Blood, and I am 99% sure that’s what she would have chosen had she been able to. I know it’s been a good season, and I’m sure tonight’s finale won’t be any different. On tonight’s episode, Eric’s conscience threatens to get in the way as he considers taking revenge on Russell; Sookie thinks about leaving and starting a vampire-free life; Sam’s anger emerges again as Tara sees a side of him she wasn’t expecting. Don’t miss tonight’s season finale of True Blood on HBO at 9/8c!

Lisa’s Choice

Haven’t caught wind of this throw back show? Then you need to get hip to this time warp! Mad Men serves up a delicious combination of drama, intrigue, and controversy all nestled in the 1960s.

Season four has already brought about the thrive and decline of Don’s new company along with a mix of new clients, and current clients with one foot out the door. Tonight’s episode, “The Summer Man,” has Peggy and Joan dealing with some questionable activities going on at the new office. Also, Don’s quirky and straight forward secretary Miss Blankenship returns to the office after she has surgery on her eyes. Tune in to AMC tonight at 10/9c to snag a bit of nostalgia.

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