TV News – 9/17/10

TGIF! It’s been a long week and I am so glad it’s come to an end. 🙂 Let’s take a quick look at tonight’s news, and then get back to a relaxing weekend.

FOX is in talks to pick up a new comedy series with Jennifer Love Hewitt that is said to be similar to The Big Bang Theory but with girls. If it’s good I’m all for it, because #1 – we need more comedies as brilliant as The Big Bang Theory and #2 – I really enjoy Jennifer Love Hewitt. Until that series is officially picked up and airs, you can catch JLH on an episode of Law & Order : Special Victims Unit and an episode of Love Bites both airing on NBC. Source

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Kaley Cuoco, Penny from The Big Bang Theory is expected to make a full recovery after her fall from a horse the other day. While that’s great news, there is some bad news. Originally, we were told that Cuoco would only be absent one episode, it now seems that she will miss multiple episodes. The show will take a two week hiatus instead of the previous schedule one week, and use that time to figure out how to explain her absence. I hope she has a speedy recovery and is back on our screens soon! Source

Finally for tonight, Ausiello has some delicious and juicy spoilers for you. There are some Private Practice, Fringe and Glee plus many more. If you don’t like spoilers don’t click the link, everyone else go ahead but reminder SPOILERS AHEAD!

That’s all for tonight, I’ll be back this weekend with some reviews and suggestions on the new shows starting this week. Enjoy.

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