If We Controlled Your Remote… 9/19/10

This will be the last Sunday with only a few choices of what to watch, seeing as the fall season is getting under full swing. Let’s take a look at what all us lovely, adorable and intelligent women (too much?) are suggesting.

Lisa’s Choice

The show The Gates has opened doors to a new realm of supernatural creatures and a world that has viewers sucked into continually.  Season one of this intriguing show comes to an end tonight in a two part finale.  The first part has Buckley and Vanessa making a very controversial decision that threatens the whole community.  Sarah is in turmoil after discovering all of the Supernatural beings flooded in The Gates and plunges into her friendship with Devon.  In turn Sarah learns a little more about the friend she has trusted, which could be her downfall.  Angry over Andie and Charlie once again reunited as a couple, Brett does something drastic which causes repercussions for everyone.

For more on Lisa’s suggestion and to look at Megan’s and Jenny’s jump ahead.

Kicking off the second part of the season finale we find the Monohans on their way out of The Gates after the devastation of Vanessa’s death and Sarah’s culpability in Buckley’s suicide.  Charlie runs away with Andie which triggers a massive chain of events that leads to grave danger. Brent is on the prowl for Andie in order to tame her Succubus side before it emerges and wreaks havoc. Meanwhile, the Radcliffe’s in the mean time are after Devon, the witch with the ability to destroy their race! 

Starting tuning in for the two part finale at 9/8c and see if the The Gates close for good.

Megan’s Choice

I’m not going to be original tonight because there is no other show on tonight that I am more excited to watch than The Gates. Lisa did a great job of explaining what’s happening on the season finale tonight, so I’m just going to tell you why I’m watching.

There is such a great balance of humour, love, mystery and supernatural in this show that you can’t help but be sucked into each and every episode. This whole season has been an intense build up to tonight’s finale and I’m so anxious to see how the age old battle of Good Versus Evil plays out.

I have a soft spot for the Andie and Charlie storyline, but at the same time I feel for Brett. Young love is dangerous enough, and it’s just pure insanity when you add a succubus and a werewolf. 😉 The tension in this community is about to blow apart at the seams and tonight we’ll see who is left standing at the end.

Tune in tonight at 9/8 c on ABC to see how this season finale plays out.

Jenny’s Choice

Ok, so I won’t be original tonight either. But only because my favorite show of the moment, The Glades, is new tonight on A&E at 10/9c. 😀 This show was recently renewed for season 2, which made me very, very happy. It keeps getting better, and I’m loving that Jim and Callie are pretty much together. *swoon* lol

Anyway, on tonight’s episode, a famed treasure-hunter is murdered, and the attention is immediately turned to the victim’s famous uncle Big Jack Hasker, a legendary treasure hunter and adventurer. Longworth dives into this world of treasure hunting and discovers the victim was hot on the trail to uncovering the mythic Spanish ship, the Magdalena, which is believed to contain billions of dollars of booty. If Longworth can figure out whether or not the victim was actually close to uncovering the prize, maybe he will be able to find the real killer. While working the case, Longworth discovers Callie’s passion for treasure hunting lore and guided by her passion and expertise, the two embark on an adventure that could change their lives forever.

Don’t miss it tonight on A&E at 10/9c! Be sure you let us know what you can’t miss tonight by commenting below or hitting us up on Twitter!

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