TV News – 9/20/10

Happy fall premiere Monday! 😀 It’s magical isn’t it? I’m a little over excited about tonight’s fabulous new shows especially seeing the hottie Alex O’Loughlin back on my television in Hawaii Five-O. Enough about my TV obsessions let’s look at the news.

Joe Jonas (Camp Rock), is going to be guest starring on 90210 as himself. Joe will be escorting Adrianna to a party to celebrate her magazine cover. He’ll also be giving her some career advice and there might possibly be some sparks flying. So what do you think, will he fit in? Source

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Showtime has renewed both The Big C and Weeds. It will be the season two for The Big C and the seventh season for Weeds. These shows both pull in a lot ratings for Showtime and I love the strong women that these shows display. Are you looking forward to the renewals? Source

Kristin over at E!Online has some yummy spoilers for you. There’s information on Glee, House and The Mentalist just to name a few. Lots of juicy details if you’re interested, if you’re not, it’s your lose. Everyone else click the link, but remember SPOILERS AHEAD!

That’s all for tonight, hope you enjoyed your first night of fall TV. I know I did. 🙂 Sweet Dreams!

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