TV News – 9/21/10

Happy Glee premiere day! 😀 Fabulous isn’t it? Did you enjoy the last official day of summer? I hope so, now let’s look at the news.

Jorge Garcia is Lost no more. The Lost alum, has found his way home to ABC with a guest role on the new Matthew Perry comedy, Mr. Sunshine. He’ll play a staff member at the sports arena that Perry’s character runs, and you should expect his appearance in the pilot. So is it too soon for Garcia to play anyone other than Hurley?Source

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Law & Order:Criminal Intent is coming back for a 10th and final season, and one of the series most popular and loved characters is coming back with it. Vincent D’Onofrio who plays Detective Robert Goren will return for the last season. I’m really happy about this because frankly it’s the only thing that’s going to make a 10th season worth watching. What are your thoughts? Source

There are rumblings about Gwyneth Paltrow guest starring on Glee and playing a possible love interest for none other than Mr. Schuester (Matthew Morrison)! While it’s said she’s still in talks, I’m torn about how I feel. I really want Mr. Schu and Emma together but a little romantic action between him and Gwyneth could be epic. Regardless of the outcome, I think this is a guest star worth making the time for. 🙂 Source

Andre Royo (The Wire) will be appearing on more episodes of Fringe later this season, after his appearance in this week’s pilot. His chemistry with Olivia is fabulous so the more we see of their banter the better for all of us. Source

That’s all for now folks, I’m off to bed. I have a big doctor’s appointment tomorrow, and I also have a little girl to get off to school in the morning. Sweet dreams my lovelies.

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