If We Controlled Your Remote… 9/22/10

We’re already half way through this week of amazing premieres and the networks are continuing to pump out new season premieres of your old favorite shows, and  premieres for shows that are just starting that are bound to be your new favorites!  See which shows we think you should be tuning in to tonight!

Lisa’s Choice

If you missed season one of Modern Family you are missing out on some amazing and hilarious family moments for the Dunphys et al.  Tonight, the show returns for season two with Claire finally coaxing Phil into selling their old station wagon.  That is of course not before they take one last trip down memory lane with it.  Meanwhile Mitchell decides he’s going to build a life-size princess castle for Lily and Cameron calls Jay in to help with reinforcements.  Manny invites a cute girl over for a study date which in turn makes Gloria slightly uncomfortable.

Jump with us to check out what Megan and Jenny recommend for tonight!

Megan’s Choice

Tonight is the series premiere of the new legal drama on ABC, The Whole Truth. The show stars Rob Morrow (Numb3rs) and Maura Tierney (ER) as lawyers on opposing sides. Each week we’ll see a case from the defense’s perspective then from the prosecutor’s point of view, and finally after the verdict we see what actually happened. Sometimes the defendant is actually guilty but sometimes they’re innocent, but by the time we learn the truth we’re so invested in the case it makes a great a rollercoaster ride.

In the pilot episode, a high school history teacher and family man is arrested, charged with the rape and murder of a female student. Did he do it? Will the defense or the prosecution win? Find out tomorrow night at 10/9c on ABC.

Jenny’s Choice

There are two shows this season that I was excited beyond belief for. The first was Monday night’s Hawaii Five-0. The second? Tonight’s season premiere of Criminal Minds, which is my recommendation for the night. It’s one of my favorite shows, and I am so thrilled it’s back. (Frankly, it’s worth it just to be able to drool over Shemar Moore as Derek Morgan! 😉 )

On tonight’s episode, it’s the continuation of last season’s finale. The BAU team closes in on the serial (Tim Curry) killer as he continues his murder spree throughout Los Angeles with Detective Spicer’s kidnapped daughter as his hostage. Eeek. Tim Curry makes a CREEPY UNSUB. Like, seriously. Don’t miss tonight’s premiere on CBS at 9/8c!

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2 Responses to If We Controlled Your Remote… 9/22/10

  1. Michele says:

    OK this is a wonderful idea to help me figure out what to watch and not get stuck with something that is bad! Thanks!!

  2. Jenny says:

    Glad you like this new column! 🙂