TV News – 10/1/10

I’m so excited this week is over, it’s been a long one! Let’s take a look at a couple quick news stories and then be on our ways. 🙂

The next death in the fall TV season has come to pass, RIP My Generation. I’m not really sad, I didn’t even start watching it. Truth be told it’s a tight competition this season and My Generation just didn’t stand a chance. Maybe they should have premiered it in the summer. Sorry to any fans out there? Anyone? Bueller? Source

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Comic-Con will be staying in San Diego at least until 2015. The International success had been in talk to leave San Diego and possibly end up in Anaheim, Los Angeles or Las Vegas, but the city came through and the historic comic conference will stay where it was born in 1970. Source

That’s all for tonight, check back regularly for our reviews, interviews and of course news. 🙂 Have a happy weekend.

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