If We Controlled Your Remote… 10/4/10

It’s hard to believe we’re several weeks into the new season, but we are! ABC’s My Generation was the 2nd new show to be cancelled, but I would guarantee there are more of those to come. Hopefully, my favorites (ok, ok, and yours!) will stick around, but THAT, I can’t guarantee. Regardless, Megan, Lisa, and I have our recommendations tonight, so let’s get to it!

Jenny’s Choice

One of my favorite shows right now is Castle. I thought about recommending that tonight, because it’s about finding buried treasure. But honestly, I have to give my props to tonight’s episode of Chuck on NBC at 8/7c. How great has this season been so far? The new Buy More, bringing back Jeff & Lester, along with the rest of the old Buy More crew, the General putting Morgan in charge as the Manager of the store, Ellie’s pregnancy & Awesome’s reaction… It’s been fantastic!

To read more about tonight’s episode and find out what Megan and Lisa want you to watch, jump with us!

One of the reasons I’m recommending Chuck tonight is that they are bringing back two of the great guest stars from last season on tonight’s episode. Nicole Richie is returning as Heather, and Stone Cold Steve Austin is back as Hugo. They were great before, so they should be great tonight, too. In addition, this week’s Greta is Stacy Keibler (who was a female wrestler, and then appeared on Dancing with the Stars, and has now guest starred on several television shows). The three of them should make for a fun episode!

On tonight’s episode, Chuck and Sarah have their romantic mission cancelled after some unexpected arrivals are delivered to the Buy more, and one of them piques Chuck’s interest; Morgan prepares for a huge video game release and gets a big surprise from Big Mike. Don’t miss the new ep tonight on NBC at 8/7c!

Megan’s Choice

I am going to continue to pimp out Hawaii Five-O to you for as long as you put up with me. 🙂 It’s not just that I love Alex O’Loughlin (really, who doesn’t? he’s adorable!). There’s more to the show than O’Loughlin. I love the story lines, the mystery and the humour. The fear that the show would become cheesy because it is a remake is gone due to the awesome job this show is doing at catching my attention. Let’s face it, I watch a lot of TV so if a show is good enough to make it onto my must watch list it has to be stellar.

On tonight’s episode Five-0 discovers a connection between Samoan gangs and a mainland mob after an escalating gang war wreaks havoc during a local high school football game. Tune in to CBS at 10/9c to watch this fabulous new show. You won’t regret it.

Lisa’s Choice

As Barney says, it’s time to suit up! Tonight on How I Met Your Mother, your favorite stud and catchphrase king, Barney, does his best to work his magic and use womanizing tactics in order to try and convince Ted to design the new Goliath National Bank building. Also, Robin gets completely drunk and decides to dial up her ex, Don. Watch this all play out tonight at 8/7c on CBS.

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