If We Controlled Your Remote… 10/8/10

It’s finally Friday, and you know what that means: end of the week relief!  Saddle up on your couch in front of your TV and take a load off. After all, you’ve earned it!  Check out what shows we think will put you in the mood for a fabulous weekend of well deserved breaths of fresh air.

Lisa’s Choice:

Away we go!  Your caped crusader may be in the final season of his show, but what a show it is!  Smallville is at its finest in its finality!  Tonight, Kara returns to Earth and tells Clark that Jor El has sent her in order to stop the dark force that is approaching.  Lois confronts a disc jockey who is crusading against heroes after he makes a major threat on the Green Arrow.  Get your superhero fix on tonight on the CW at 8/7c.

Jump with us to see what Megan & Jenny are recommending!

Megan’s Choice

Tonight is the season finale of Haven on Syfy. What a season it has been, from shape shifters and ghosts to mystery tattoos and secrets, I’ve been hooked since the beginning. With a strong cast that includes the adorable Eric Balfour and the charming Emily Rose, you would have to be off your rocker.

In the season finale, a dangerous criminial from the past returns to Haven, and Audrey learns some shocking information about herself and her past. I cannot wait to see where they go with this, and don’t worry, it’s been renewed for a second season, so we won’t be left hanging! Tune into Syfy tonight at 10/9c and be mystified by this show.

Jenny’s Choice

Tonight, I’m recommending a little show not many of you are watching (shame on you!). The Good Guys stars Bradley Whitford and Colin Hanks, and it is an absolute riot. It’s so… wrong, totally, but so damn funny. Whitford, as crazy, old-timer Dan, is brilliant. He makes me cringe, A LOT, but he never fails to make me laugh. And I can’t help but root for Colin’s Jack and his ex-girlfriend, A.D.A Liz Traynor (the beautiful Jenny Wade from Reaper). They are too cute together.

On tonight’s episode, Jack and Dan get a tip from a neighborhood kid about a lowlife stealing mail. During the investigation, they come across two identity thieves forging documents for a murderous pair of Mexican drug-runners, killing their way to better lives in America. Wayne Knight (Seinfeld) guest stars on tonight’s episode, so that should be a trip. Don’t miss this new episode on FOX at 9/8c.

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