TV News – 10/7/10

Thursday already, and I can’t wait for the weekend to get here. Pumpkin pie is calling my name, seeing as it’s the Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend I’m planning on indulging 😉 . So let’s get the news done tonight so I can bake some pies tomorrow.

FX has renewed Sons of Anarchy for a fourth season, which is great news. It’s not really a shocker though because it’s just so popular and it’s their highest rated show to date. The third season is still in full swing with the finale airing on November 30th. Are you happy with this renewal?Source

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Speaking of great renewals, I’m so excited about Haven being renewed for a second season. 😀 I really love this show, and think that everyone should get a chance to fall in love with it. The first season finally airs tomorrow night, and then you can expect season two to return next summer. Source

I’m not a huge fan of The Office but I might need to watch it now! The Office will dedicate an episode all about the staff at Dunder Mifflin staff watching Glee together. Phenomenal idea! No actual Glee actors will be on the show, but none the less it’s almost perfect. Source

Finally tonight is a spoiler chat with Ausiello, enjoy them while you can because he’s leaving EW to start his own site, so these spoiler chats might be a thing of the past. In the meantime, enjoy some dish on your favorites such as Glee, Gossip Girl and Grey’s Anatomy. If you don’t like spoilers, good night, everyone else away you go. Beware Spoilers ahead. SPOILERS AHEAD!

That’s all the news for tonight, but there is something that I wanted to mention to everyone. Ellen Degeneres is speaking out about bullying, and I have to say that it’s one of the most important topics plaguing our children today. When I hear a 5 year old child in my daughter’s class tell a peer that they are “good for nothing”, it scares me. What is the future going to be like for my daughter? What about your children? It’s time to stand up against bullying. You can help by donating $5 to @TrevorProject . Text “KIND” to 85944. It’s up to all of us to try to make a difference, please help.

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