TV News – 10/12/10

I would say happy Tuesday but that would mean I’m actually in a good mood… and despite an awesome episode of Glee I am not. If I could breathe out of my nose, I might feel a bit chipper, but alas no such luck. Let’s look at some news to brighten my day and yours.

Richard Chamberlain (The Thom Birds, Leverage), is going to be doing a guest arc on Brothers & Sisters. Chamberlain will be playing “someone who comes back from Saul’s past and complicates things for him in ways he can’t expect.” Every one loves some drama, and I’m all for Saul having a nice complicated love triangle aren’t you?Source

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Syfy has announced some key premiere dates for the winter television season, including some special holiday episodes of Warehouse 13 and Eureka. There is also the series premiere of Being Human, which is the US remake of the British phenomenon. Check out all the information here.

Some more Brothers & Sisters casting news for you, this time involving a new love interest for Calista Flockhart. Ryan Devlin (Grey’s Anatomy, Cougar Town), has been brought in as a grad student in Kitty’s (Flockhart) law class. Kitty may or may not take an interest in Devlin’s character, and you can expect to see the cutie around for at least four episodes. Source
That’s all she wrote folks, I’m off to bed with a cup of tea and some orange juice. Hopefully with some rest and vitamin C, I can kick these sniffles to the curb. Night all.

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