If We Controlled Your Remote… 10/13/10

It is definitely cold season, and let me tell you, it’s getting into full swing in my house. The number of sniffles in this house right now is kind of insane. What about your house? If nothing else, I have the great shows on tonight to keep me distracted from all the noises of sneezing going on around me. 🙂
Let’s see what’s on the menu tonight, shall we?

Megan’s Choice

I know we just finished a season of MasterChef, and maybe you’re sick of Gordon Ramsay… I’m not. Hell’s Kitchen is on FOX tonight at 8/7c, and it is heating up. I’m a fan of Nona because she’s generally quite consistant and not quite as aggravating as the other chefs.
On tonight’s episode, Chef Ramsay tests the chefs imagination and creativity as well as their ability to work together. In the first challenge, the teams are asked to create one cohesive dish using five randomly selected ingredients. The team that prepares the most harmonious dish will jet off to Las Vegas as a reward, while the losers will be forced to wash, peel and cut more than 1,000 potatoes. Dinner service is rocky but has a great turn of events. Later Ramsay, tests the chefs on their ability to shop on a budget and make four classic ingredients into dishes worthy of fine dining. Expect some exciting guest judges, and some special dinner guests. It’s going to be a night to remember, so don’t miss it!

Let’s jump ahead and check out the other ladies great suggestions.

Lisa’s Choice

After the major success of season one of Modern Family, fans were heavily crying out for more and with good reason! This show delivers more consistent laughs than most comedies on TV right now.  Tonight’s episode has Claire and Mitchell trying to spare their respective significant others from embarrassment, while Haley tries to teach her sister Alex how to be cool. Shake up your Wednesday and go Modern on ABC tonight at 9/8c.

Jenny’s Choice

It’s Wednesday. Surprise! My recommendation tonight is Criminal Minds on CBS at 9/8c. 😀 My friends and I are looking forward to tonight’s episode, but as Morgan/Garcia shippers, we’re also terrified, because Garcia’s boyfriend, Kevin Lynch (played by Nicholas Brendon – Buffy the Vampire Slayer), is back. I did see a great promo, which makes me a little less nervous and a lot more excited, so… there’s hope!

On tonight’s episode, the BAU team searches for a serial killer who is preying on married couples; Hotch looks to one of the team to fill JJ’s vacant role. (Actually, someone on the team volunteers. Shhh. 😉 ) Don’t miss the new episode of Criminal Minds on CBS at 9/8c!

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