TV News – 10/15/10

TGIF! The news is scarce today so the post will be short but I hope that you all have an awesome weekend. Enjoy the news.

Necar Zadegan, who played the wife of President Omar Hassan on 24 last season, is going to be guest starring on The Event. She’ll play a “mysterious character named Isabelle”, but that’s all we know about her role at the moment. Odd that a character from 24 would guest star on The Event considering how much like 24 the show is becoming? I thought so too. Sourced
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David James Elliott (JAG) is going to be guest starring on CSI: NY, as the ex-husband to new comer Sela Ward’s character Jo Danville. His episode will show up in early January with the possibility that he’ll back for more. He’s the father of her son, and an FBI agent, not to mention he still wants to be with Jo. All of which makes for an interesting guest stint, don’t you think?Source

That’s all for tonight, sweet dreams everyone. Sleep tight.

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