If We Controlled Your Remote… 10/21/10

You know the only good thing about being sick? Getting to lay on the couch watching great television, and thankfully, tonight’s schedule is fabulous.

Megan’s Choice

Shonda Rhimes is kind of a genius these days, with both Grey’s Anatomy, and Private Practice hitting it out of the park week after week. This week I’m suggesting you watch Private Practice because lately this show has been pulling out all the emotional stops and making it must watch TV.

On tonight’s episode, Addison isn’t pleased to work with a new oncologist (Cristián de la Fuente, In Plain Sight) in the case of a newborn with a malignant tumor. Pete is uneasy when Violet aids a parolee, and Addison and Violet suggest Sheldon could be just who Amelia needs. Tune into ABC at 10/9c and see how it all plays out.

Jump with us to see what Jenny & Lisa recommend.

Jenny’s Choice

I was sad last week when there was not a new episode of Nikita on, but it’s back this week, and it sounds like it’ll be a great episode! A bus filled with recruits from Division is attacked by terrorists who kidnap Alex and Thom as a test; Alex is tortured while Percy, Michael and Amanda watch; Nikita has earned Owen’s trust and he reveals some devestating news about her fiance.

We have been seeing a progression of Michael’s distrust of Percy and his possible feelings for Nikita. I hope this week shows more of the same, but it doesn’t sound like it! 🙁 Also, who else loves the possibility of Alex & Thom together?? lol Anyway, check out the new episode of Nikita tonight on the CW at 9/8c.

Lisa’s Choice

Your favorite Dunder Mifflin employees on The Office keep knocking it out of the park season after season.  Sadly, with this being Steve Carell’s last season, I am hoping he goes all out in his final episodes!  Tonights episode has Michael, Dwight and Jim setting up a sting operation when a competing sales associate (played by recurring guest star Timothy Olyphant) steals a client of theirs.  Also, our favorite musical man Andy forms a band!  This barrel of laughs unfolds tonight at 9/8c!

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