If We Controlled Your Remote… 10/24/10

We’re trying something new this week in our remote posts. For months now, it’s been all women telling you what we think you should watch. This week, Megan, Lisa & I (Jenny) are joined by Adam from TVDoneWright.com. He will be giving his opinion alongside ours, and hopefully, it will be interesting to see a male’s POV on what you should be watching each night! Everyone be sure and welcome him below in the comments, and check him out on Twitter (@tvdonewright) and comment there as well. As you can imagine, with four people recommending episodes each night, there is bound to be some overlap. Don’t look at it as repeticious. Just think of it as something we INSIST you watch. *grin* There are just some shows we will feel so strongly about, we can’t help but do a double recommendation!

Another new part we are adding is the addition of links for Clicker.com. If you’ve never been to their site, it’s pretty cool. They gather together the info for a huge list of shows and tell you where you can go online to find episodes of those shows. Whether the episodes stream free on Hulu or the network’s website, or whether you have to buy it on iTunes, Netflix, Amazon or elsewhere, it’s all there at the click of a button. If you miss an episode, or don’t have a DVR that will record four eps at once like I do (Thank you thank you to AT&T Uverse!), you can most likely find out at Clicker where to catch up.

Now, let’s see what Adam and the rest of us think you should be watching tonight, huh? Jump with us!

Adam’s Choice

Hello readers. Let me first introduce myself. My name is Adam Wright, and I own and write for TVDoneWright.com. It is my pleasure to contribute to the “If We Controlled Your Remote” feature here. Those who already know me from my work or follow me on Twitter (@TVDoneWright) know I have a wicked sense of humor, which I hope to bring here. Sunday nights are my favorite night of the week for TV. Although this weekend is the first without Mad Men, the line-up is still pretty good.

Dexter took a leap of faith last week, but can he really trust Lumen (played brilliantly so far by Julia Stiles). I know for me, this season has been a let-down so far. Everything until now seems like it’s mirroring season two. However, I am optimistic things will turn around. Sunday is episode 5, meaning almost half-way through the season. So it’s now or never to make or break the season. On tonight’s episode, Dexter faces a tough decision regarding an unwanted conspirator, and things get even more complicated when he begins to wonder if Harrison was affected by Rita’s death; Quinn enlists the help of an old friend with his investigation into Dexter. Don’t miss the new episode on Showtime at 9/8c. Dexter @ Clicker

My second choice tonight is Boardwalk Empire, on HBO. On Boardwalk Empire, it was a not-so-happy St-Patrick’s Day in Atlantic City for Nucky Thomson. Well, that was until the end where Nucky went to Margaret Schroeder’s house, after she sent the cops after his illegal operation, and had some good ol’ passionate sex with her. The aftermath of this rendez-vous, plus Van Alden getting closer to shutting down the illegal alcohol circulation makes this for another not-to-miss episode of this new HBO series. The new episode airs on HBO at 9/8c. Boardwalk Empire @ Clicker

Megan’s Choice

I have been loving this season of The Amazing Race so far, and I hope you have been, too. There are a few really amusing teams, but I was sad to see the a capella team eliminated. Tonight, the teams race in Norway, where one vegetarian racer struggles to eat a Norwegian delicacy. The pairs also face their fear of heights when they dangle from a bridge. I cannot imagine eating some foreign delicacy right now, but I’m sure it’ll be entertaining to watch. Tune into CBS at 8/7c to see how the teams handle all their road blocks and detours. The race is on! The Amazing Race @ Clicker

Lisa’s Choice

Once again Desperate Housewives is back to heating up TV screens all around the world. This brand new season has lit a fire under the semi-cold stove that was last season.

Tonight, Susan upsets a very important client, while Renee and Gabrielle reveal secrets about one another. Emma Graham, on the other hand, plans a cabaret show!

Watch these ladies smolder tonight on ABC at 9/8c! Desperate Housewives @ Clicker

Jenny’s Choice

Rounding out the bottom of the list tonight is my recommendation of The Next Iron Chef, on Food Network at 9/8c. Now, I don’t normally recommend reality shows, simply because there is almost always so much else on. But this is one of my favorites, especially this season. I simply adore watching Iron Chef Michael Symon on TV. He’s always thoughtful in his critiques, insightful, funny, and just seems like a genuinely nice guy. Someone I’d love to just hang out with one day. lol He was the winner of the first season of this show, and this season, he is back for the first time as a judge. I’ve enjoyed watching him interact with the other judges and the contestants so far. It’s been great to see a real chef’s opinions on these dishes, and to know what he is judging on is not just whether he personally like the dish or not.

On tonight’s episode, the remaining seven chefs battle it out in a culinary challenge of transformation, as they are forced to make a 30-minute meal using American condiments, such as ketchup, ranch dressing and mayonnaise (I personally am going to LOVE this episode, as ranch dressing & mayo are two of my faves. LOL); the chefs go to the San Diego County Fair. Be sure and check it out tonight on Food Network at 9/8c (or catch a repeat, since like most cable networks, the Food Network repeats their shows multiple times!) The Next Iron Chef @ Clicker

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