TV News – 10/26/10

Tuesday night is so exciting for me today, because Glee is back this week, and I’m getting ready to do the Time Warp with the cast while they take on The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Will you be watching?

I am a little sad to announce this next bit of news because I really like this new drama. ABC has pulled the plug on The Whole Truth due to it’s low ratings. This was a great idea for a legal drama and I’m sorry that it never found it’s footing. Farewell, and hopefully Maura Tierney (ER) will find another show to head soon because I adore her. Source

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The Big Bang Theory show runners have confirmed to me yet again, that they don’t only write about genius they are genius. They have promoted Melissa Rauch who plays Bernadette, Howard’s girlfriend, to a series regular. She is adorable and adds so much to the chemistry on the show. I am excited about this promotion and think that it’s amazing for Rauch considering her character was never meant to be around for more than a few episodes. Source

Brothers & Sisters is brining back Balthazar Getty for their 100th episode. It is also rumored that he may be bringing a new girlfriend with him, but that story line is still up in the air. The episode will air in January, and I’m curious to see if they bring back any other alumni aren’t you? Source

That’s all for tonight, now you may sit back and enjoy Glee on FOX at 8/7 c.

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