If We Controlled Your Remote… 11/1/10

It’s great to be back online, and even better to have my cable up and running. There is only so much withdrawl a girl can take! Tonight’s choices will be what distracts me while I’m unpacking all of these boxes. Take a look at our suggestions and escape from your own worries along with me.

Megan’s Choice

Tonight, I will be unpacking my many boxes of books, while watching the always delicious Hawaii Five-0 on CBS at 10/9c. Whether you love Alex O’Loughlin or Scott Caan, it’s always a fabulous rollercoaster ride, that leaves you guessing ‘Who dun it?’ until the last minute.

On tonight’s episode, a Navy SEAL wanted for murder takes hostages aboard the USS Missouri memorial battleship, even though he claims he is innocent. McGarrett (O’Loughlin) uses his own naval training in an effort to diffuse the situation. Get excited and check it out. You’ll be glad you did. Hawaii Five-0 @ Clicker

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Jason’s Choice

On a night with so much great TV to choose from, my overall pick would normally be House, but due to FOX carrying the World Series, it isn’t on tonight. So, I will go with Chuck, which is having an excellent season, as they’ve yet to have an off episode. However, I’d be remiss not let you know that House returns on Nov. 8th with a fantastic episode.

So, back to tonight, Chuck and Sarah get in their first real fight as a couple, which has Chuck going off on a rogue mission in an attempt to avoid another confrontation with her. Meanwhile, Ellie is looking into the history of the Bartowski family. Timothy Dalton and Linda Hamilton guest star, along with Ana Gasteyer. Watch Chuck tonight on NBC at 8/7c. Chuck @ Clicker

Jenny’s Choice

A show that consistently knocks it out of the park for me is ABC’s Castle. Nathan Fillion is a comedy genius, but as we’ve seen on not only Castle, but Firefly and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, he can do drama just as well. Granted, there isn’t a ton of drama on Castle, but with last week’s episode and then the follow up storyline with the Triple Killer, we’re sure to see more from him. He’s fun to follow on Twitter, too, so if you like to Tweet, check him out: @NathanFillion

On tonight’s episode, Castle & Beckett respond to a call of “Officer Down” and find that the victim is actually a male stripper, and their investigation takes them into the world of male strip clubs and the price that people pay in pursuit of fame. Don’t miss the new episode tonight on ABC at 10:01/9:01c. Castle @ Clicker

Lisa’s Choice:

How I Met Your Mother has amp’d up the laughs this season and continues to bring solid episodes full of pure comedy hilarity.  This show provides a great ensemble with enough storylines for each and every cast member.

Tonight’s episode centers around Zoey enrolling in Ted’s class and trying to convince his students that they should help her save the building from being torn down for Ted’s project.  Marshall and Lily notice that Robin is among the many marching in the Halloween parade of shame. Watch it all go down tonight on CBS at 8/7c. How I Met Your Mother @ Clicker

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