If We Controlled Your Remote… 11/3/10

It’s mid-week, so half the work week is done, yay! After a pretty darn slow night last night, tonight comes roaring back, with 38 new episodes on TV! Thankfully, no, I don’t watch all those! haha Baseball is over (congrats to the Giants fans!), the election is over (congrats to all of us. LOL), and it’s back to our regularly scheduled programming. So what do we think you should watch tonight? Read on and find out!

Jenny’s Choice

Yes, it’s Wednesday again, which means you should know my choice. Unoriginal, maybe. Am I apologetic because of it? Nah, not at all. LOL This is what *I* think you should be watching, and Criminal Minds is what I think you should be watching! 😉

On tonight’s episode, when bodies begin turning up in the cornfields of Indiana, the BAU team must find a pack of serial killers preying on exotice dancers. It’s a soap opera night, as guest stars include Robert Newman (Guiding Light) as Sheriff Jeff Salters, who aids the team in its investigation, and Melissa Claire Egan (All My Children) as exotic dancer Tara Dice. Don’t miss this new episode on CBS at 9/8c. Criminal Minds @ Clicker

Jump with us to see what everyone else thinks you should watch!

Lisa’s Choice

If you’re not watching The Middle then you’re missing out on this sleeper show that is both funny and charming.  This ensemble cast may range in age, but every last one of them has a shining moment. Plus, if you don’t recognize yourself, or a family member, in one of these characters, you’re nuts!

Tonight’s episode revolves around Brick’s ninth birthday as he wants to hear the true story about the day he was born.  The new manager at the movie theater where Axl works is highly attractive but dumb, which leads him to wonder if beauty trumps stupidity.  An all new episode of The Middle starts tonight at 8/7c on ABC. The Middle @ Clicker

Megan’s Choice

I’m going to admit to being intrigued by the new ABC comedy Better With You. Maybe it’s the adorable Joanna Garcia or perhaps it’s the amusing banter between the family members but it makes me smile. Is it a blockbuster? Honestly it’s not really, but it’s a cute, feel good comedy that has some great actors in it.

On tonight’s episode the guys take a road trip to Vermont to get Casey’s stuff out of storage. Ben sees the journey as a chance to get to know Casey better, while Joel envisions it as an opportunity to become a father-in-law gone wild. Tune into ABC at 8:30/7:30c to enjoy a few good laughs. Better With You @ Clicker

Jason’s Choice

Wednesdays are sort of a reprieve for me, as there is much less TV worth watching on the night. Of course, there is Cougar Town and Modern Family, which are both consistently funny, but little else to get excited about. Well, except for Terriers, which is probably the best show you’re not watching. Or, at least a lot more people should be.

Yes, Terriers is a detective procedural, but one with great characters and interesting stories. It’s a show that takes the normal private eye storyline and does something truly compelling with it. My favorite thing about the show is while they investigate some very bizarre cases, it isn’t for the shock value. While darkly comedic at times, things are handled with a level of compassion and heart that one wouldn’t expect from this type of show.

On tonight’s episode, Hank is still recovering from his injury while looking into his ex-wife’s fiancé. Britt takes on a case himself, which leads him to helping a hooker find out what happened to her former friend that has been missing for some time. Both stories are great, but Britt’s especially demonstrates exactly what I am talking about above. Watch Terriers tonight on FX at 10/9c. Terriers @ Clicker

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