TV News – 11/3/10

Happy hump day! Hope you enjoy 😉 . It’s been a little hectic around here getting settled in from the move, and I can’t wait to get it all organized. It’ll be a bit of time I’m sure. 🙂 In the meantime I’m bringing you a bit of news to keep you interested in me.

It’s sad news for Life Unexpected, there was no pick up of the last 9 episodes of the season. This means the show will only have 13 episodes this season unless the television powers that be decide to clue into how fabulous this show is, but don’t hold your breath. Source

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FOX will be premiering The Chicago Code (used to be called Ride-Along), on February, 7th. The show is another gem from the mind of Shawn Ryan (The Shield), and stars Jennifer Beals (The L Word). Beals will play the city’s first female superintendent, and she’ll get lots of helps from her fellow cops to clean up the city. The show looks like it could be promising but time will tell. It’s a hard competition for another law show, don’t you think? Source

That’s all for tonight and this short news broadcast. Sleep tight.

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